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Thursday News and Notes

Lisa Rinna

50? Great googly moogly.

I will freely admit that I do not watch soap operas. The closest I’ve come is when I was a WWE fan in college, as that’s a soap opera for men. However, had I known that Lisa Rinna was on one I may have had to become a fan. Rinna came on my radar on Celebrity Apprentice but she’s been on Melrose Place and Days of Our Lives as well. The reason she’s our News and Notes poster girl today is because it’s her birthday. I find it hard to believe that anyone looks that good at 50 without a significant amount of work, but I look at Lisa Rinna as the reason why God made plastic surgery. Happy birthday! In a bit of housekeeping info, OTP’s week-long summer vacation after the 4th of July is now officially over and the slide into fall goes full throttle. New podcast coming on Friday, and our preseason activities start up next week. Ready yourself for that by enjoying the latest out of the nest.

NewsNotesLogoClearly you like blogs otherwise you wouldn’t be on this one. If you’re not a daily checker of HustleBelt (the OTP of the MAC as a whole) then you’re missing out on the countdown of the Best MAC Players for 2013. Today’s was doubly awesome as it was about Zane Fakes but it was also written by yours truly. So give it a click and a read. ‘Preciate it.

NewsNotesLogoBSU is building a planetarium, y’all. The funding was just approved by the state so it will still be a few years before stoners can do what they do and then go stare at the pretty planets, stars, colors, etc. Plan accordingly.

NewsNotesLogoSince BSU will forever be known as Punter U, I found it quite comical that Spencer at EDSBS has spiced up the Ray Guy Award Watch List with Japanese comic precision, known as Puntemon. If only this had been last year when Scott Kovanda was a finalist.

NewsNotesLogoThe photo below made its rounds on the internet yesterday, but the construction/demolition in the BSU Village began for a commercial/residential project where the LaBamba’s-BW3’s-Dill Street group of stores was.
University Avenue Construction When I was in school, that housed BW3s, LaBamba’s, the Locker Room, and of course, Dill Street on down the block. Let’s also not forget the scuba shop, the florist, or the Borics hair cut place. I understand that change is the price of progress, but to say that doesn’t make me a little sad would be a lie. I understand Dill Street was a dump, but most everyone has at least a couple Dill Street memories that they’ve proudly packed away from Muncie. (Sidebar: This isn’t as sad as when I came back to find Discount Den closed down. I had already planned on getting my then-girlfriend a Den pop and a cheap t-shirt but alas it wasn’t possible) Farewell, Dill Street. I’m quite sure the backhoe that tore that place down now has syphilis.

NewsNotesLogoYour Muncie news of the day comes from an article I have no idea how I missed. The Indy Star reported in early July that apparently when the Indiana Department of Corrections has sex offenders with nowhere to go they send them to Muncie. Probably might want to be aware of that if you’re a Muncie resident.

NewsNotesLogoYour Ball State Tweet of the (yester)Day comes from @allysonp_
Tweet of Day 7-11I remember move in day like it was yesterday. It was the start of a great journey and best of luck to all who undertake it.


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