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Wednesday News and Notes

Yankee GM Brian Cashman turns 46 today, and he wants some news and notes.

Yankee GM Brian Cashman turns 46 today, and he wants some news and notes.

When it comes to modern-day athletics, there is probably no more polarizing a group of individuals than the New York Yankees. The equal to Notre Dame in college football, the Yankees are maybe the only professional baseball team that there is no room for middle ground irrelevancy. Ask any of your friends, even cursory sports fans their opinion on the boys in pinstripes and you most assuredly won’t get a “Eh… I can take them or leave them” sort of response. Fans from Maine to LA either love the Yankees or hate them, and most of that is due in no small part to today’s birthday boy, Brian Cashman.

Cashman was one of the primary architects of the Yankee dynasty in the mid-90s on, but perhaps more impressive, he was able to have a functional relationship with allegedly one of the most difficult supervisors in the history of sports ownership… George Steinbrenner. Cashman has had a front row seat to some of the defining teams, players, and managers of a generation and when you’re seen as the one responsible for returning the luster to one of the greatest (and most opinion-inducing) sports franchises in the world, that’s a pretty good life to have. Who else can see they were responsible for retaining the likes of Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter and being able to call each someone they made Yankees. That’s a couple of resume bullets that are pretty remarkable. Surpsingly, Cashman turns only 46 today. On to the news and notes…

NewsNotesLogoThe BSU Sports mothership has a nice write-up on the summer  internship program for the football team and more importantly who is participating and where.

NewsNotesLogoFormer BSU women’s head coach Kelly Packard who abruptly resigned from BSU in the 2012 offseason has been hired again in the Hoosier State, this time at Taylor. The circumstances surrounding her resignation and the legitimate reasons why are still shrouded in some mystery but it’s always nice to see former coaches responsible for program success while they were here land on their feet.

NewsNotesLogoI think if I could swap places with someone in the football world for 24 hours it would be Kliff Kingsbury after reading this piece on ESPN. In a football crazy world like Texas, it’s gotta be unbelievable to be the GQ-ish head coach of one of the state schools. Not to mention the single GQ-ish coach. That’s an important qualification.

NewsNotesLogoIn light of the holiday about to consume us, and more importantly, out of respect for the beer we’re about to consume on said consuming holiday, Deadspin has released a ranking of 36 cheap American beers. Through a cursory run through I’ve probably had a solid 75% of them, including PBR before it became the go to beer of trendy hipster douchebags. Feel free to check that out and/or rank your own.

NewsNotesLogoIn “Don’t Try This at Home Because the Result is Amazingly Sad” news, a Carrol College sophomore received 2nd and 3rd degree burns on his arms and legs after attempting to make a blooming onion at home and overflowing the portable frier as he was trying to move it. He’ll miss the entire football season and (in case that wasn’t bad enough) will be personally responsible for his medical bills. Thanks a lot Obamacare!

NewsNotesLogoYour Muncie News of the Day: Name me another city where a corndog factory is going to be re-purposed to make Islamic food. Only in Muncie, that’s where. But seriously, hooray for jobs. And really, hooray for corndogs. All meat on sticks, really, but especially corndogs. Yum.

NewsNotesLogoYour Ball State Tweet of the Day goes to @Jenny_R23:
Tweet of DayI remember that feeling like it was literally yesterday and it is nice to see that feeling occurring in today’s incoming class. BSU is such a special place. Welcome to the family!


2 Responses

  1. The lack of love for Drummond Bros., brewed in scenic Evansville, Ind. and the go-to “hey, I found some change in the sofa, let’s see if we can afford beer!” beer for any Ball State student in the 90s, is a grotesque oversight in that Deadspin cheap beer article. The lack of an Old Style mention is nearly criminal.

  2. Papa Lou… have you tried the new Tin Man brewery in Evansville? A+ stuff. There’s also another called Carson Brewery here in Evansville.

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