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Take Your Shot at Blogging Greatness

help wantedFrom time to time, life gives everyone opportunities. If you’re a Ball State fan who reads this site, then this opportunity may very well be right up your proverbial alley. As we noted last week in the OTPcast, there’s some changes afoot here at OTP, and it’s time to open up the books for new membership. As Edge has taken his place in the “real world” of fatherhood, working on taking over the sports world, etc. his ability to produce the OTPcast and create original content has become tough. Nathan has moved on to more traditional journalistic endeavors as well. We’ve added Jason to the mix for the multimedia realm but we are looking for contributing staff writers to fill the holes left by those two OTPites departures.

What this means for you is the opportunity to have a place to voice your opinion and perspective on Cardinal athletics, and it doesn’t just have to be about football. Going on five years now we’ve had the football program on lockdown but we’d like to expand our scope to the other sports as well. Have a passion for volleyball? Welcome aboard. Really into softball? Awesome. The world here at OTP is truly your oyster.

What you receive is the opportunity to gain experience writing for the preeminent BSU athletics fansite on the internet. OTP has covered games from Muncie to Auburn with a working media slant. If you’re able to check down the fandom and are interested in covering games from a journalistic perspective, then this is a tremendous opportunity to get your name and your work in the public eye. If you’re located in Muncie, even better. Opportunities to interact with athletics staff, cover games, and be OTP’s representative in the press corp are there. If you’re not in Muncie, this still may very well be for you as I’ve covered BSU football from as much as 14 hours away and done a not so horrible job at it. We aren’t looking solely for writing chops or proximity to Worthen Arena. What is a non-negotiable is a passion for Cardinal athletics and the ability to express that passion via the written word.

How you go about making that happen is by sending me an email to overthepylon@gmail.com and telling me a little about yourself and where your BSU interests lie. Pass along a writing sample or two (can be created solely for this or something you’ve already done) and we’ll see how you can best contribute to the site. It’s a labor of love but for someone potentially exploring a career or interest in this particular field, it’s a great opportunity. This year figures to be quite special at BSU as the football team continues to build the Lembo legacy and the basketball team begins the Whitford era. The other less marquee sports are also on the rise and as we saw this week with two coaching changes, there is always content to cover. Be a part of it!


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