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OTP Adds Staff; They Promptly Respond with IU Trolling

From time to time we like to refresh the roster here at OTP and bring on some additional talent with different perspectives. We’ve got the old curmudgeons like Edge and Alan, the absentee landlord of RV, and the newest rock star Nathan. But seeing as how this coming season looks to be an epic one for BSU, it’s always nice to stoke the flames of passion and hang another shingle. Our newest addition to the site is Pat B, someone with a longtime affiliation and access to Ball State athletics in general, but especially the inner workings of the football program. Pat (like all of us) is a BSU alum and in my opinion brings an invaluable attention to the game. He sees it in ways you and I do not, and whenever a roster can be filled out with missing talents and needed superlatives, that’s a good thing.

Additionally, Pat brings a working knowledge and familiarity with more than just football under the BSU athletics umbrella. As you’ll notice as we go forward, OTP will be expanding its coverage a bit to all of the Ball State athletics programs. While our primary focus will always be football, thanks in no small part to the knowledge and passion most all of us have for the sport, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room at the OTP table for a plethora of Cardinal athletics and BSU happenings. Yes, El Guapo, I said plethora.

On July 1 we’ll have our annual OTP report and our fiscal agenda for 2014, sort of a “State of the Site” post so consider this first Pat B post a precursor to a summer of change here at OTP.

So give a warm welcome… to Pat B. Take it away…


After the announcement of the five new helmets for Indiana Football’s 2013 season, Ball State football did some thinking.  And since new helmets MUST produce success on the field, here’s my prediction for Ball State’s response, and to what the new Ball State football helmets will look like for the 2013 season. (click to enlarge)




One post in and one IU troll. Pat B has a bright future here at OTP.

I’ve been pretty quiet on here about these, though I’ve thrown some Twitter barbs. My overwhelming reaction is a giant “Meh…” to the entire IU helmetgasm they’ve been messing their britches over. Flash with success is swagger. Flash without substance is posing, and it seems to me like the Hoosiers are doing a fair bit of posing and a whole let less winning. To say nothing of the fact that if this was the same marketing department that came up with “Win Today!” as the Kevin Wilson slogan before he won five games in two years I’m more than a little skeptical about their prospects. That has to sting Wilson a bit. Aside from getting his ass handed to him twice by “that little old teachers college up the road”, it took him two years to accomplish what Pete Lembo did in eight weeks in Muncie. Judges?

sick burn morpheus


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  1. OHHHHHH!!!! Put some cream on that. And welcome Pat! 🙂

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