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#CardMadness Sweet 16 Results, Thurs/Fri Schedule

Card Madness LogoAs the roughly three thousand of you or so who voted noticed, we’ve been whittling the Sweet 16 down to our Elite 8 yesterday and today. We started with 68, and we now have 8 remaining. Some surprises? Most definitely. Two double-digit seeds are one win away from the Final 4, one 9-seed is still in play, and only 3 1-seeds have made it to the final 8. The Emens Regional? Chalk. Charlie and Frog Baby Regionals? A surprise. The Benny Regional? Mass chaos. As we see year in and year out, it’s all about catching fire at just the right time. Our Sweet 16 results…

Emens Entertainment Regional
(1) David Letterman 79% vs. (4) Joyce DeWitt 21%
(2) Jim Davis 81% vs. (3) Doug Jones 19%

Charlie Cardinal Athletics Regional
(1) Bonzi Wells 58% vs. (4) Nate Davis 42%
UPSET: (10) Chris Miller 64% vs. (3) Brad Maynard 36%

Frog Baby “Other” Regional
(1) “Papa” John Schnatter 84% vs. (4) Kent “Oz” Nelson 16%
(3) Scott Wise 59% vs. (7) Mark “Hot Dog Man” Carter 41%

Beneficence Campus Admin Regional
UPSET: (11) Rick Majerus 53% vs (2) Jo Ann Gora 47%
UPSET: (9) Chris Taylor 63% vs. (4) Brady Hoke 37%

Our regional finals will be played tomorrow and Friday and here’s your schedule:
Thursday March 28 – Emens Regional Final: (1) Dave Letterman vs.  (2) Jim Davis
Thursday March 28 – Charlie Cardinal Regional Final: (1) Bonzi Wells vs. (10) Chris Miller
Friday March 29 – Frog Baby Regional: (1) “Papa” John Schnatter vs. (3) Scott Wise
Friday March 29 – Benny Campus Admin Regional: (9) Chris Taylor vs. (11) Rick Majerus

Our tourney culminates next week when the Final 4 matchups are played on Tuesday April 2 and the championship match on Thursday April 4. Get yourself ready and spread the word. Card Madness is winding down and it’s time to crown our champion.


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