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#CardMadness Second Round, Day 1

Card Madness LogoCard Madness began with 68 BSU alums all vying for the opportunity to say that because of fan voting, they were the most BSU of the bunch. After Monday and Tuesday, we have whittled that field down to 32 of the best and brightest Ball Staters on the planet. Today, 8 competitors will lay claim to half of the Sweet 16 as Round 2 begins but there are 8 other people standing in their way that will have to be bested. Our vote totals so far have been astronomical, so if you are a supporter of someone below, it would be wise to spread the word that they need your vote, your friend’s vote, etc. This isn’t Chicago, so multiple votes are frowned on and a pulse is required. Voting has been extended a bit today after some comments were made that 4:30 closing time wasn’t helpful for some to be able to get their vote in. From this point on, voting will be open from 8am-8pm.

Our Sweet 16 matchups will be Tuesday and Wednesday of next week, and that schedule will be decided on Friday evening. A short turnaround time for our competitors, but I’m sure they can handle it. You can check out round 1 results here and here as well as our most recent bracket with winners here.

Need a refresher on what Card Madness is all about? Click here. Need a bracket breakdown for the 4 different regionals? Check out the Charlie Cardinal Athletics Regional here, the Emens Entertainment Regional here, the Beneficence Campus Admin Regional here, and the Frog Baby “Other” Regional here. Ready to read about our competitors and vote? More after the jump…


Emens Entertainment Regional Round 2, Day 1
(3) Doug Jones vs. (6) Brian Collins
It’s film versus funny in the Emens Regional. 3-seed Doug Jones has left his mark on Hollywood, starring in Buffy the Vampire Slayer on television, the Hellboy series on the big screen, and playing the Silver Surfer in the most recent Fantastic Four. He defeated Bill “Superfoot” Wallace in round one 76%-24%. Though 6-seed Brian Collins probably never thought he would be known for anything other than telecommunications, his foray into fame came at the expense of some laughter at not with. Collins best known for this viral video has certainly helped me remind people that while they may not know what or where Ball State is, they at least know a few alums. Collins defeated Dawn Swain 78%-22% in round 1.

(4) Joyce DeWitt vs. (5) Anthony Montgomery
In this more traditional film vs. film matchup, 4th seed Joyce DeWitt and 5th seed Anthony Montgomery are hoping to act their way in to the Sweet 16. DeWitt was Janet Wood on Three’s Company and though not the most memorable of the cast, she had a long and fruitful career, one that I think was highlighted by her guest voice on an episode of Pinky and the Brain. She defeated Angelin Chang 84%-16% in Round 1. Montomery is best known for his role on Star Trek: Enterprise as Travis Mayweather. He is also a musician, producer, and martial arts expert. Montgomery beat Andy Devine 61%-39% in round one.

Charlie Cardinal Athletics Regional Round 2, Day 1
(1) Bonzi Wells vs. (8) Tamara Bowie
In a Title 9 dream game, it’s men’s ball versus women’s ball as top-seed Bonzi Wells takes on 8th seed Tamara Bowie. Arguably no two people have done more for round ball at BSU than these two. When Wells left Muncie for the NBA he was the MAC leader in points and steals, and managed to lead the conference in steals all four years. He was awarded the MAC Freshman of the Year after his first season and was selected 11th overall in the 1998 NBA Draft and would go on to have a fruitful NBA and international career. His jersey hangs in the Worthen Arena rafters. Wells defeated LaTasha Jenkins in round 1 85%-15%. Bowie is the school record-holder in career points and blocks, is 7th in MAC history in points, and was one of six MAC women to win MAC Player of the Year at least twice. She was selected in the 2003 WNBA Draft by the Washington Mystics. In the first round she defeated 9-seed Phil Eatherton 55%-45%.

(2) Blaine Bishop vs. (10) Chris Miller
In this football versus football matchup, 2-seed Blaine Bishop will try and take down 10-seed Chris Miller in one of several old school versus new school matchups. Bishop defeated 15-seed Amanda McCormick in Round 1 87%-13%. While at BSU, Bishop was named All-MAC second team and was drafted in 1993 to start a 9-year NFL career. Bishop was known as one of the hardest hitting safeties in the league and has parlayed his football success into a lucrative talk radio and media career. 10-seed Chris Miller was the punter of record for 2008 which gets a bit of a bonus with the Cards knocking on the BCS door and all. Miller was also a Playboy Preseason All American and a 2-time coaches All American while in school. Miller beat Greg Garnica 81%-19% in round 1.

Beneficence Campus Admin Regional Round 2, Day 1
(1) John Worthen vs. (9) Chris Taylor
1-seed John Worthen was a 16-year president of Ball State and oversaw tremendous growth and progress on the campus. Worthen saw the University build the Bell building, the Ball Communications Building, the Indiana Academy, Frog Baby, the Health and Physical Activities Building, and University Arena, which would later bear his name. He defeated Tracy Roller in round one 81%-19%. 9-seed Chris Taylor currently oversees Ball State’s nationally renowned SportsLink program that is the best in immersion programs for communication. Taylor’s work has allowed the students’ work to appear on national broadcasts through Fox and ESPN. He’s also saw the program handle production duties for the NCAA Tournament and even the Olympics. And oh by the way, Taylor’s also a BSU alum. He defeated Paul Schudel 79%-21% in round 1.

(2) Jo Ann Gora vs. (10) Anthony Edmonds
2-seed JoAnn Gora is our current President and has led the University through massive overhauls, upgrades, renovations, and change. Ask any alum who goes back to campus and they will say it looks remarkably different, considerably better, and impressively awesome. That is thanks in no small part to President Gora. She defeated Karen Fitzpatrick 67%-33% in round one. 10-seed Anthony Edmonds is the Ball Distinguished Professor of history at BSU and will retire this year. One of the most well-known faculty members at BSU, Edmonds has spent time speaking to freshmen and parents, as well as writing a book about the history of BSU. He defeated Kay Bales 56%-44% in round 1.

Frog Baby “Other” Regional Round 2, Day 1
(3) Scott Wise vs. (6) Angela Ahrendts
In what may very well be the marquee matchup of Round 2 Day 1 CEOs collide in an epic tilt. 3rd seeded Scott Wise, or more affectionately known as “Scotty” is making a name for himself throughout the state of Indiana as an entrepreneur and business-owner. The man behind Scotty’s Brewhouse in Muncie has taken his concept throughout the Hoosier state as there is a Brewhouse in West Lafayette, Bloomington, Muncie, three in Indianapolis, and coming soon to Mishawaka. He also opened Three Wise Men brewing company and restaurant in Indianapolis and has become a sought after motivational speaker. Wise defeated Sam Smith 93%-7% in round 1. 6th-seeded Angela Ahrendts is the current CEO of Burberry and was the former President of Donna Karan. This fashion mogul has been named to numerous awards and humanitarian endeavors, including being named to Fortune Magazine’s 50 Most Powerful Women in Business and Forbes’ 100 Most Powerful Women in the World. She has been the commencement speaker at BSU and in 2010, she was named European Business Leader of the Future at the CNBC European Business Leaders Awards. Ahrendts defeated Brent McMillan 88%-12% in round 1.

(4) Kent “Oz” Nelson vs. (12) Tom Davis
Our final matchup on this first day of round 2 action features a person responsible for packing the freight of people’s packages throughout this land and the man responsible for packing the freight of coverage for BSU’s football team in the Lembo era. 4-seed Kent “Oz” Nelson is the retired chairman and CEO of everyone’s favorite brown-uniformed delivery service, UPS. He has also served in numerous charitable capacities as chairman of the Annie E. Casey Foundation and United Way of America and Atlanta. Nelson was awarded the Distinguished Alumni Award and has been elected to BSU’s business Hall of Fame. He defeated Richard Mourdock 80%-20% in round 1. 12-seed Tom Davis has become the go-to columnist of record when wanting local coverage of the football Cards. A member of the Ft. Wayne News-Sentinel staff, Davis has stepped up the coverage of the Cardinals to previously unheard of levels and his access and information on football related news is second to none. Davis defeated Mike Lopresti 55%-45% in round 1.

Voting for these games will be open until 8:00pm and winners will be back in action next week. Good luck to our competitors, thanks for your vote, and follow @OverThePylon on Twitter to get up to the minute results.


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