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Tuesday #CardMadness Round 1 Winners & Scores, Round 2 Set

Card Madness LogoRound 1 Day 2 draws to a close and we have our first round complete, our field of 68 whittled to 32, and we are one step closer to crowning an inaugural 2013 Card Madness champion. Today’s outcomes were mostly chalk save for two-double digit upsets sprung by 12-seed Reggie Hodges and 11-seed Rick Majerus, but how we got to the chalk result was anything but expected. #1 overall seed and Emens Entertainment 1 seed David Letterman went back and forth with 16-seed Bridget Bobel most of the day, based on a strong social media showing from #TeamBridget as they have named themselves. 2-seed Jason Whitlock defeated 15 seed Morry Mannies by only 6 percentage points, but as has been pointed out to us, Mannies was woefully underseeded. As we tried to explain, it’s far from an exact science and we’ll keep it in mind for Card Madness 2014.

Largest margin of victory goes to 2-seed Jim Davis, who was able to garner 97% of the vote against Sister Edith Pfau (good for largest margin of victory in round 1 overall) and Scott Halberstadt squeaked out a 51%-49% win over Mark Champion for smallest margin. Much like yesterday, our largest upset was a 12 over a 5 as Reggie Hodges continued his run from the play-in game, defeating 5th seed Bryan Bullington.

Your Round One Day 2 Results:

Emens Entertainment Regional
(1) David Letterman 57% – (16) Bridget Bobel 43%
(8) Scott Halberstadt 51% – (9) Mark Champion 49%
(7) Stedman Graham 73% – (10) Cynda Williams 27%
(2) Jim Davis 97% – (15) Sister Edith Pfau 3%

Charlie Cardinal Athletics Regional
(4) Nate Davis 77% – (13) Bernie Parmalee 23%
UPSET: (12) Reggie Hodges 54% – (5) Bryan Bullington
(6) Larry Bigbie 85% – (11) Dee Nocero 15%
(3) Brad Maynard 92% – (14) Sally Northcroft 8%

Beneficence Campus Admin Regional
(4) Brady Hoke 92% – (13) Bubba Cunningham 8%
(5) Don Shondell 88% – (12) Alan Hargrave 12%
UPSET: (11) Rick Majerus 51% – (6) Ray McCallum 49%
(3) Don Park 62% – (14) Rich Maloney 38%

Frog Baby “Other” Regional
(1) “Papa” John Schnatter 91% – (16) Nicholas Ferreri 9%
(8) Jeremiah Johnson 71% – (9) Jon Hoke 29%
(7) Mark Carter 87% – (10) Jeffrey Feltman 13%
(2) Jason Whitlock 53% – (15) Morry Mannies 47%

Round Two begins Thursday, when Monday’s Round 1 Day 1 winners will attempt to make it two in a row. Our Thursday schedule…

Emens Entertainment Regional Round 2, Day 1
(3) Doug Jones vs. (6) Brian Collins
(4) Joyce DeWitt vs. (5) Anthony Montgomery

Charlie Cardinal Athletics Regional Round 2, Day 1
(1) Bonzi Wells vs. (8) Tamara Bowie
(2) Blaine Bishop vs. (10) Chris Miller

Beneficence Campus Admin Regional Round 2, Day 1
(1) John Worthen vs. (9) Chris Taylor
(2) Jo Ann Gora vs. (10) Anthony Edmonds

Frog Baby “Other” Regional Round 2, Day 1
(3) Scott Wise vs. (6) Angela Ahrendts
(4) Kent “Oz” Nelson vs. (12) Tom Davis

Round Two voting will work a little bit differently and will allow for not only more votes, but also the “I can’t get on the web and putz around until I’m out of work” crowd. Voting for Round 2 will open at 8am and will close at 8pm. Whether or not the additional couple hours will make all that much of a difference is debatable, but let it not be said that OTP wasn’t as democratic as possible. Congrats to our round 1 winners, thanks for your vote, and we’ll see you back on Thursday for Card Madness Round 2.


One Response

  1. I can’t believe Whitlock won. Morry is awesome. Same goes for Letterman. He isn’t nearly as smokin’ as Bridget Bobel or that other chick she won against.

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