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Breaking Down the Emens Entertainment Regional

entertainment regionalIt’s time for the first-ever Card Madness tournament, where you, the fans, will decide who is deserving of the honor of being the de facto champion of Ball State-ness. This field is 68-strong of some of the most impressive graduates and friends of the university there are. Captains of industry. Stars of the silver and small screen. International political figures. Journalism heavyweights. Pizza chain CEOs and brewtastic entrepreneurs. It is literally the most impressive collection of Cardinals this side of the Vatican.

You can check out the details of the Card Madness Tournament here. For now, it’s time to Bracket Breakdown the Emens Entertainment Regional!


The Emens Entertainment Regional :

  • Bridget Bobel (Miss Indiana 2006)
  • Claire Buffie (Miss New York 2010)
  • Mark Champion (Voice of the Detroit Pistons, voiceover for Disney Superbowl commercials)
  • Angelin Chang (Grammy award winning classical pianist)
  • Brian Collins (Television news reporter best known for “Boom goes the dynamite” viral video)
  • Jim Davis (creator of Garfield)
  • Andy Devine (Actor in Stagecoach)
  • Joyce DeWitt (Actress best known for Three’s Company)
  • Stedman Graham (Entrepreneur, motivational speaker, Oprah’s longtime partner)
  • Scott Holberstadt (Actor best known for Drake and Josh, Grandma’s Boy)
  • Doug Jones (Actor best known for Hellboy series and Fantastic Four, former Charlie Cardinal)
  • David Letterman (Late Show with David Letterman host)
  • Anthony Montgomery (Actor/Singer best known for Star Trek: Enterprise)
  • Sister Edith Pfau (Painter, Sculptor)
  • Dawn Swain (Reality television star on Human Wrecking Balls and a certified nurse)
  • Bill Wallace (Professional kickboxer, author, film actor. Nicknamed “Superfoot”)
  • Cynda Williams (Actress from Mo’ Better Blues, ex-wife of Billy Bob Thornton)

Our Play-In Game is for the right to the 16th seed in the region and will feature Bridget Bobel and Claire Buffie in a battle for beauty pageant supremacy. Voting for the play in contest will begin on 9am on Friday, March 15th.

The bracket for this region and the seeding is:
Emens Entertainment Regional

Friday March 15th – Play in Game: Bridget Bobel v. Claire Buffie
Monday March 18th – Round 1: (5) Anthony Montgomery v. (12) Andy Devine
Monday March 18th – Round 1: (4) Joyce DeWitt v. (13) Angelin Chang
Monday March 18th – Round 1: (6) Brian Collins v. (11) Dawn Swain
Monday March 18th – Round 1: (3) Doug Jones v. (14) Bill Wallace
Tuesday March 19th – Round 1: (1) David Letterman v. (16) Play-in Winner
Tuesday March 19th – Round 1: (8) Scott Halberstadt v. (9) Mark Champion
Tuesday March 19th – Round 1: (7) Stedman Graham v. (10) Cynda Williams
Tuesday March 19th – Round 1: (2) Jim Davis v. (15) Sister Edith Pfau

Round two will be on March 21 and 22.

Bracket winner will face Charlie Cardinal Athletics Regional champion in bracket semi-finals.


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