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Announcing the Ball State Card Madness Tournament

Card Madness LogoIt’s March. You know what that means, right? Time for brackets, office pools, and water cooler discussions about which team is better. But that isn’t limited this year to just the top echelon college basketball teams. This year, OTP is proud to present our own Ball State version of March Madness, known as Card Madness. 68 BSU alums or friends of the institution in all walks of life broken into regions that best suit their area of expertise. Seeded, bracketed, and ready and waiting for you the fans to determine who moves on and who is eventually crowned the inaugural Card Madness Champion. This field is impressive, and if Twitter is any indication, some of our participants (even the considerably famous ones) are taking this quite seriously.

    Simple, really. The field is broken down into 4 regional brackets, each with a theme that is uniquely their own. Our regions are the Charlie Cardinal Athletics Regional for former players, the Emens Entertainment Regional for folks in the entertainment field, the Beneficence Campus Administration Regional for campus leadership, and the Frog Baby “Other” Regional for folks that didn’t fit in the other three. This particular regional has captains of business, international politics, journalism, and entrepreneurship. It’s a hodgepodge of heavyweights.
    You do! Each matchup will be voted on by fans here at OTP. Whether or not participants instruct their friends or followers to come and vote for them will be up to the participant. Some of our participants are legendary BSU people, others are national figures, and others have millions of Twitter followers. The people will decide who moves on based on whatever quality they deem to be best representative of Ball State. Fan voting will be open from 9am-4:30pm (1st round) and 8am-8pm (subsequent rounds) for all of our matchups, winners announced at the close of the poll.
    There’s a couple of ways, really. You can constantly revisit OTP for daily recaps and daily upcoming schedules and updated brackets. That’s your best option. You can also follow OTP on Twitter @OverThePylon and/or check the hashtag #CardMadness.
    Our first batch of games, our “play-in” games, will begin on Friday March 15th. The first round of games will be March 18th and March 19th, the second round on March 21st and 22nd, the 3rd round on March 25th and 26th, the fourth round on March 28th and 29th, the final 4 on April 1st, and our championship match on April 3rd. Voting on each round after the first round will be from 8am-8pm.
      • You can check out the entire bracket here.
      • We’ll have a break down of each individual regional bracket with the participants information and more info about their schedule later today.
      • The Play-In Games:

    Play In Games

Our play-in games begin on Friday at 9am here at OTP. It’s a nice little dry-run to get you ready to rock for the real tournament on Monday. Keep checking OTP for our bracket breakdowns, where we’ll tell you a little more about each participant, the first round schedule, and other goodies. It’s #CardMadness, folks. Batten down the hatches!


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