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Spread Em: Week 13

For your OTP staff, there are two things we love without apology. College football and making money. But why should we continue to keep these two passions in private when they go so well together. Each week we’ll be bringing you our picks against the dreaded spread and where we’re actually putting our money. Myself, your fearless OTP leader, as well as RV and a resident newbie to the OTP family will give you our selections to help make your Saturday more exciting, pay for junior’s college fund, or your growing meth habit. We’re not judging. We promise. You can check out Week 12’s picks here as a sort of fact check for the referenced weekly and season records below.

The spreads are when we placed the wagers, so they may be changing a bit by the time you can either get to a sportsbook, go online, or find a bookie in a seedy backroom of your local watering hole.

RV’s Picks:
Stanford (-3) @ UCLA
Clemson (-3) v. South Carolina
Michigan (+5) @ Ohio State
San Diego State (-7) @ Wyoming
Tennessee (-14) v. Kentucky

Though a lifelong Notre Dame fan and unapologetic homer, RV actually can appreciate other teams and evaluate talent accordingly. RV clocked in at 5-1 in Week 12, bringing his season total to 18-13 against the spread. His stellar week 12 takes RV to 58% for the season.

Jason “Rothstein” Brewer’s Picks:
Jason didn’t turn in picks this week presumably because of travel plans for turkey day. I’m assuming this is what his pick sheet would have looked like given his focus on the holidays…
Cranberry Sauce (+4) v. Stuffing
Honeybaked Ham (-7) @ Deep Fried Turkey
Mashed Potatoes (+2) v. Green Beans
Broccoli Casserole (-1) @ Corn
Rolls (-3) v. Pumpkin Pie

Last week, Jason clocked in at 0-7, one of his only losing weeks of the season. For the college season, Jason is running along at 20-23, or 47% and that’s after 2-11 the last two weeks. That means he’s due. You can follow along with Jason as he makes his weekly college picks and where he really excels: the NFL at @brewerjason.

Alan’s Picks:
Louisville (-10.5) v. Connecticut
Rutgers (ML) @ Pitt
Oregon (-9.5) @ Oregon State
Florida State (-7) v. Florida
Ohio State (-4) v. Michigan
Georgia (-14) v. Georgia Tech
Tennessee (-13.5) v. Kentucky
Clemson (-4) v. South Carolina
Notre Dame (-4.5) @ USC

Another stellar week for me, clocking in at 5-1 and continuing the blazing hot streak, bringing my season total to 19-8, or 71% against the spread. Last week of the season and taking a significant amount of favorites. In some respects that worries me, but that’s how I feel and 71% of the time, my feeling is correct. Probably a couple more coming later this afternoon on our Twitter site @overthepylon.


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