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Vote Ball State to a Bowl Game

The final three games on three weekdays will determine how the 2012 season is ultimately remembered.

Vote Charlie Cardinal for President Tuesday! He needs to pick up votes in Ohio like everyone else.

Starting Tuesday night Ball State fans will ignore the election that will determine America’s next four years for something more important. Getting to a bowl game.

Yes at 6-6 Ball State is already bowl-eligible but we all know that is not good enough for a MAC school. The MAC will likely have at least six bowl eligible teams this season (NIU, Toledo, Ball State, Kent State, Ohio, and Bowling Green) meaning not everyone will find a home this postseason.

The solution is to get at least seven wins. Problem is the November slate is trickier than winning Ohio in a presidential election. Sorry, had to go there.

Speaking of Ohio that’s where the final three opponents reside. Sadly for Ball State, none of them rhyme with Akron. If you don´t know what I´m talking about, you should bet on NFL football instead.

Best case scenario

Ball State upsets Toledo on election night and catches Ohio by surprise with new black uniforms and a jumbotron! The Cardinals then humiliate their rival RedHawks in Oxford making for the best Black Friday deal possible. At 9-3 Ball State accepts a bid to play a washed-up Big Ten school in the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl. Ball State wins on a last second field goal from Steven Schott giving the program its first bowl win. The team brings back pizza to all the little girls and boys in Muncie for Christmas and top recruits commit in droves to the program. Happy New Year Ball State fans!

Worst case scenario

Ball State is humiliated on a national television by superior Toledo and Ohio teams. About 500 students show up to the Ohio game causing Pete Lembo to look for other jobs. The coaching distraction causes Ball State to lay an egg at Miami. At 6-6 Ball State is again left out the bowl season. Pete Lembo takes a job at a crappy Big East or ACC school two weeks later. Keith Wenning transfers with him. Fans are stuck trying to watch Billy Taylor and the Ball State basketball team sleep walk through another season as losses mount. Over the Pylon becomes a blog about coping with clinical depression.

Okay that was probably exaggerated. The point is there is plenty at stake this month. Here is a brief comparison of Ball State with the remaining three teams.

I believe the Cardinals will win at least one of these games. Toledo and Miami being the most likely two. I doubt Ball State will have much of a home field advantage against Ohio.

Points scored in first five MAC games

  1. Toledo 191
  2. Ohio 174
  3. Ball State 174
  4. Miami U 142

Points allowed in first five MAC games

  1. Ohio 130
  2. Toledo 134
  3. Miami U 149
  4. Ball State 160

The stats are not favorable but we all know how accurate stats are in predicting games.

Buckle up; it’s going to be a wild ride.


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