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Running out of Fingernails to Bite

Cornerback Andre Dawson may have found the best way to describe the Ball State football season with his tweet.

While I am sure fans are happy for the win over WMU these types of games need to end.

Both Ball State and Western Michigan had ample opportunities to make Saturday’s game a blowout for either side. Offenses left points off the board.  When either team made it to the red zone disaster seemed to occur. Ball State itself had an interception, a fumble, and two turnovers on downs in Western territory.

One thing is for sure, Western’s offense died in the second half.

Maybe it was the rainy weather, maybe Ball State’s defense figured it out; maybe it was the backup quarterback Western had to roll out.

Ball State played to win this game while Western Michigan played not to lose. I am sure the Broncos would have been more aggressive in their play-calling in the fourth quarter had their senior quarterback Alex Carder been healthy.

So what if it is the second game this year Ball State won because the other team’s quarterback was injured. See IU win.

So what if it is the second game this year Ball State won that it should have loss. See IU win.

So what if this is the third straight MAC game where the offense wasted scoring opportunities like Congress does with tax dollars. See Kent State and NIU losses.

The only “so what” that matters is 30 is more than 24.

At 4-3, Ball State is still in decent shape to earn seven wins and a bowl invitation. The Cardinals still have a slim hope of winning the MAC West if NIU falls off the face of the Earth. Do not hold your breath.

A loss though would have made this season a wash. The road is still tough as Central Michigan is in panic mode after their loss to Navy.

Are these Central Michigan uniforms or what sinners wear in Hell. If the latter it might be time to repent.

Nothing is ever easy in Mt. Pleasant, where warm temperatures do not exist.

Central should be a win but this is the Cardiac Cards we are talking about. No matter what I am sure it will be interesting.

Having a team that drives its fans to the edge of it seat every Saturday is not so bad.

Especially when compared to winless MAC peers Eastern Michigan and UMass. If you think Ball State has fan problems then you should look at the bottom of this box score.

I guess my high school has more fans than Eastern Michigan does.

Cardiac Cards are looking good right about now.


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