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The Final Word on Kent State

Sometimes an angry mob isn’t a bad thing.

On Saturday, the Cards laid an egg. No better way to put it, no easier way to say it, no more softening of the blow possible. Excuse makers will point to the strength of the Kent State defense, but that wasn’t the issue. As we, and countless others, have pointed out, it wasn’t a game characterized by offensive ineptitude. It was a game characterized by bad luck and a move towards karmic equilibrium that the Cards have been flirting with since their late game heroics against Indiana and South Florida.

At some point, the law of averages has to come into play, and let’s all hope that Saturday was an example of that and not a symptom of a greater problem. I’m not in the camp of some that believe this team is flawless and without equal in the MAC. Those are folks who believe every Saturday from here on out the Cards are the better team on paper. Those are folks who believe BSU should be favored in every contest remaining and are the presumptive favorites for a MAC West championship and a berth to Detroit. I’m also not in the camp of the vocal minority that are using the performance on Saturday as an indictment of the Lembo era. Emails I’ve received and messageboard posts I’ve read have some very visceral reactions that seem to think that Pete Lembo is incompetent, the defense is the worst in the world, and the Cardinals may be lucky to win another game. I think Edge’s response to me after receiving a particularly flame-tastic message was perfectly succinct: “Lol… what? Nice meltdown, bro.”

In many respects, I’m a little happy that some in the fanbase have reacted the way they have. The old adage says, “A dog never chases parked cars” and by generating a reaction like that, it means this program is on the move. The fan behavior of years past centered in apathy and couched with detachment seems to be leaving the program. And that’s a decidedly good thing. Go to fan sites that cover traditional football powers like Alabama, Notre Dame, or Texas and watch the collective anarchy that ensues after a loss. Creating a winning program and raising expectations means that occasionally when losses like this happen, a nerdfight ensues. In some respects, by creating a bloodthirsty mob that screams how bad he sucks at his job that never existed before after one game, I would argue that Pete Lembo is doing his job quite well. Remember the other day when you wondered to yourself what the definition of irony is? I’d say you found it.

Rather than overreact to a game that despite countless miscues and issues was extremely winnable, I will instead chalk it up the universe righting itself after favoring the Cards the last few weeks. I will also await Saturday’s Northern Illinois contest as a sort of measuring stick for where this program stands right now and what to expect for the rest of 2012. Another loss with some frustrating mistakes and (in my opinion) lack of a killer instinct through a sustained drive when their boot is on the opposition’s throat will make me concerned. For now, it’s just a bump in the road. Onward and upward to NIU.

The final word for Kent State..

  • Anomalous

    1. Deviating from what is standard, normal, or expected

One Response

  1. I agree. If we consistently lose games to teams we are favored against, that would be an indictment against Lembo but I believe this is the first game in his first 2 seasons in which that was the case. Often this team finds a way to win the close games, but in the case of this game and the 2011 NIU game it didn’t happen.

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