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Cards Win! Schott Kicks Hoosiers to Curb

Perhaps a better slogan is “Win Today, as long as I don’t play Ball State”

For the love of God. Cards go up big, I write a post for the win, hover over the publish button. IU shoots their wad on two killer drives, trash the first post, begin to write a loss post, hover over publish button. Cards move ball into IU territory, one-in-a-million pass gets complete, Steven Schott kicks game winning field goal, I do small happy dance and happily start over.

I’ll get to the game tomorrow or perhaps later tonight, but right now I feel like I just did an eight ball and chased it with thirty five Red Bulls. What have I learned?

  • Pete Lembo tosses his hat with Spurrier-esque authority.
  • Steven Schott is quite a good kicker. (Though we already knew this, it’s nice to be reminded)
  • The BSU defense can at times play LIKE A BOSS.
  • Sports karma is a very real thing. That little episode outlined above has pretty much assured me that I will never preemptively write, tweet, or text until there are triple zeroes on the clock.

For now, though, all that matters is IU takes the L (their third straight to this little old teacher’s college in Muncie), BSU is now 2-1, I made a nice little sum of quiche on the contest, and my asshole may never unpucker. For the IU folks who I’m sure were ready to spew forth from their suckholes all sorts of derp-tastic vitriol, I say to you the same thing I say to your team… Good job. Good effort.

IU Hate Week still undefeated. You know, in case you were wondering. 3 straight. And counting.


2 Responses

  1. My dad had said that that was pretty much game at the 5:40 mark. I’m had to remind him though that this was Ball State and I wasn’t going to celebrate till time ran out. Obviously with good cause. A lot of things learned in this game though and look forward to your observations. When it turn into 38-39 I could only think of how this was 2006 all over again.

  2. I was bemoaning two things when IU took the lead:

    1. The three straight passes with about 10:15 left that led to a punt after we had two successful first downs on the drive running the ball. There should have been no more than eight or so minutes left when we gave IU the ball back. Which wouldn’t have given them time to get a go-ahead TD.

    2. That we went to a deep handoff on the fourth-and-a-foot play with 4:30 left. Pick up that first down, and we can practically sit on it for the rest of the game and walk off with a 2-TD win. Sneak it there, or go with a quick-hitting counter. The slow developing off-tackle play allowed the entire IU defense and a probably a few passers-by to get there in time and blow it up.

    Josh, I think this would have been worse than ’06. IU owned the second half of that game and took the lead early in the 4th. Much different than coughing up a two-score lead with just over four minutes left.

    But happily, very happily, it wasn’t.

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