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BSU Footballers Doing Dill Street-y Things

Dill Street is no Double Duece

Remember the old adage that we seem to espouse here frequently that news in the offseason is rarely good? Yeah, it proved itself yet again as Travis Freeman and Kenny Lee were involved in an incident leading to the arrest of them both this past weekend at Dill Street Bar and Grill. BSU students are known for going to Dill Street and chaos ensuing, so I can’t say it’s a shock or really all that big of a deal. BSU students go to Dill Street for one of three reasons…

  1. To get ridiculously blasted on cheap beer or liquor
  2. To find a member of the opposite sex and proceed to follow the Malcolm X philosophy of “By any means necessary” to enjoy their company for the evening (TRANSLATION: Find a member of the other gender and get to bangin’)
  3. Cause chaos

I can only hope that since Freeman and Lee seem to be partaking in bullet #3 above they at least got to enjoy #1 before they were arrested. For their sake, I hope #2 either didn’t happen or came to fruition before they were put in cuffs, because the bangin’ at the Delaware County Jail is neither a member of the opposite sex nor enjoyable in the least. Lembo has a nice no-comment kind of comment in the papers pledging to fully investigate and blah blah blah. The specifics of the case are murky at best, and their lack of respectable behavior is really nothing when compared to their poor taste in drinking establishments. That’s what really needs to be punished. Dill Street has been a shithole for as long as I’ve been connected to BSU and I cannot imagine it has gotten any better.

The crime itself is a class B misdemeanor which I can’t imagine is going to not get knocked down or plead out, but battery it stands as for now. Perspective: It was out of season, it seems like their was collective male groupthink fueled by booze, and some fisticuffs broke out. In the grand scheme of things, not a big deal. It wasn’t like this was BCS level skullduggery where players are firing off uzis in a fast food parking lot or running a remarkably sizable drug ring right there on campus. For this kind of stuff, I’m happy BSU is more small time than BCS champion.

UPDATE: The Star Press also has some info on the story here.


2 Responses

  1. Proud to say I’ve never been in Dill Street in my time at Ball State. Popular quote on campus is “nothing good ever happens at Dill.”

  2. It’s called Dirty Dill for a reason, but It’s atleast 3-4 times more fun than any BSU bar. Cheapest beer, best looking girls, great dance floor… can’t wait to get Dilly again.

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