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Joshua Howard Shares his All-Star Experience

Ball State safety Joshua Howard had a fun week in sunny Southern California while the rest of us were sliding on the ice in Muncie.

Howard shared his experience at Saturday’s NFLPA Collegiate Bowl with OTP.

Joshua Howard, coming to an NFL team near you.

“This is one of the best football experiences in my life. It’s probably not better than my freshmen year after we finished the season 12-0 or the atmosphere at Lucas Oil Stadium for the Indiana game. But this moment is up there. I have been fortunate enough to meet and be coached by Dick Vermeil, Priest Holmes, Isaac Bruce, Ray Crockett and many more. We had a live personal comedy show by Mike Epps and I got my hair cut by Kobe Bryant’s personal barber (so I’ve been told). This is a wonderful experience for me as a player and a man. These NFL legends are teaching us how to be better football players on the field and better men off the field. The NFLPA Bowl has impressed me every day I have been here (it being in California doesn’t hurt either). I will be playing for the National team (black jersey) and I will be wearing number 32. Also, I will be starting! Again, I will do my best to represent everyone involved with Ball State football from the players, coaches and other staff to the students and citizens of Muncie, Indiana. I would not be where I am without those guys and especially to my family and hometown, Inkster, MI. I will be representing you as well with all my power. As always God bless and GO CARDS!”

This is what Howard shared after the game on his individual performance.

“I had 7-8 tackles and one big hit! I started the game. Then I came back in with four minutes left in the 2nd. Then I came in half way thru the 3rd and played for the rest of the game.”

Howard was the starting safety for the National team’s 20-14 victory. I was unable to watch the game as it was on the new NBC Sports Network which is nowhere to be found on basic cable.

But this game could have been played on the Lifetime channel and still would have provided great exposure for Howard. The amount of playing time a coaching icon in Vermeil gave him has to be a great sign. Making as many tackles as he did does not hurt either.

The names Howard met feature major star power. Playing on the field was clearly a small portion of his total experience.

At least, Howard and fellow safety Sean Baker, who also participated in an All-Star game, will make draft day and training camp very interesting for Ball State fans. Here is to hoping whether as a draft pick or undrafted free agent, they will both be given a strong opportunity to make an NFL roster.  Best of luck Cardinals!


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