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EXCLUSIVE: Ball State Safety Joshua Howard Prepares for NFL Draft

Writers note: Sometimes as a reporter, columnist, blogger or rascal, you catch a break. I am friends with Ball State safety Joshua Howard and he was able to inform me on his future plans this week. At a newspaper this would be a conflict of interest but at a blog it is fair game.  As Charlie Sheen would say if he were a Ball State fan, “Wenning!”

Joshua Howard

Ball State Safety Joshua Howard is trying to take his talents to the NFL. It is good to see Ball State players place themselves in a position to play on Sundays. Howard is away from Muncie preparing for the draft and I can speak for everyone here at OTP we wish him the best. Here is a statement from No. 20 himself he gave me over Facebook.

“I am currently in Richmond, Virginia training for Ball State’s NFL pro-day. I just got in on Tuesday (1-10-12), and I will be back in Muncie around the end of February/beginning of March. I have a full out workout schedule that starts at 5 a.m. and ends at 7 p.m. (of course with meals and breaks in between all of that). I was contacted by a trainer, and I let my agent know immediately about this wonderful opportunity. I am also still a Ball State student, I am enrolled in online classes. So I will be able to still graduate and train for NFL preparation. It’s a wonderful situation I am in, and I am extremely thankful for everyone who made this possible. So, I will be back around Spring Break but until then, good luck to the entire Football program with preparation for next season. Also, thank you to everyone who has a part in every bit of my success, I greatly appreciate it. Until I return, as always — GO CARDS!”

It is nice to see that Howard is going to still be able to graduate while preparing for the draft. I guess that saying “you can’t have your cake and eat it too” was false. It is also impressive Howard all ready has an agent. The only agent most Ball State students could get is if we robbed a bank and were assigned a crummy public defender. Not that we would actually do that.

The Cardinals need more alumni in the NFL. Each touchdown pass Drew Brees throws in New Orleans is free marketing for Purdue. Ball State can only point to a couple of punters as their NFL products right now. If Howard and fellow safety Sean Baker (a lock to be drafted in the first four rounds) can have successful NFL careers than maybe Ball State can ditch nickname “Punter U” for the new moniker of “Safety U.” Granted, that name may confuse Ball State with a Lifeguard class.

Even more important is what this says about the senior class. Howard, Baker, and maybe center Kreg Hunter will get a chance to prove themselves in NFL training camps this summer. This senior class has gone through multiple coaches, coordinators, and experienced more drama than most recruiting classes should ever have to face. From the penthouse in 2008 (12-2) to the outhouse in 2009 (2-10) to a middle-class home in the suburbs in 2011 (6-6). Is this college football or is this real estate?

Coach Pete Lembo has been given a bulk of the credit for turning the ship around but the senior leadership on the roster was a huge help. They knew what it was like to win and made sure their younger teammates were just as passionate about returning to glory.

For now we wish Howard the best. I could list the NFL teams that are in need of a safety but that would double the size of this column. “Safety U” is sounding better and better all ready.

Catching a football with No. 20 closing in can ruin your weekend as this Central Michigan player is about to learn the hard way.


3 Responses

  1. Good luck Josh!

  2. Best of luck to all Card NFL prospects. Definitely think Baker will get a shot but I don’t think he is a “lock” to be drafted in the first 4 rounds. Most projections have him 7th round to FA.

  3. Hey I played with Josh in little league for the Dearborn Heights Redskins till he went to school in inkser. Is there any way you can have him contact me at all would love to catch up with him. I seen him this past summer when he attended our sign ups for Redskins but never got his number. Tell him Coach Isaac would love to hear from him.

    Thanks Brian

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