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OTP Expands the Roster, Welcome Nathan Pace

The newest member of the OTP staff... Nathan Pace

I struggle to think of OTP as a small business. Granted, it’s a hell of a lot of work, but for something to be a business that would require things like a balance sheet and profits, and I think Dr. Shivaswamy from BSU would attest to the fact that my accounting skills paled in comparison to not only my love of sports but also my ability to bullshit. Hence, why I graduated as a sales major. Despite what I classify OTP as, the fact remains that sometimes the staff you have can’t meet the requirements that are in place. Granted, those requirements are self-imposed, but as I (and probably you the reader) have noticed over this season, real life is beginning to get in the way of this here happy fun time.

Edge has commitments like work, a music career, and a little thing called a family. RV is… well…. he’s RV. And as for me, while the ball and chain around my ankle isn’t a wife and kid, the real job is eating up a significant portion of the time and since the bank and Ford Credit doesn’t take “Love of Ball State” as a way to pay bills, sometimes that takes the priority. So what’s a BSU fansite to do? I’ll tell you what we do… we expand the ranks and pick up a tremendous free agent.

Some of you may remember the name “Nathan Pace” as the contributor of a guest column back before Thanksgiving about the dollars and cents of football at the FCS level. It was a great look at financials and generated a fair bit of discussion on many FCS sites. But that wasn’t just a cup of coffee here in the big leagues for Nathan. That article has parlayed into a full-time gig here at OTP as a staff writer.

Nathan brings an interesting perspective that frankly Edge, RV, and myself have long since abandoned, and that’s the student perspective. Aside from being a talented writer and BSU fan, Nathan is a current undergrad. Which means he’s not only significantly more connected to the ground level of support and atmosphere, he can also walk into Dill Street without seeming like the creepy weird old guy. Both those things are no longer true for any of the Founding Three, though the latter is probably even more noticeable than the former. You can read about Nathan on the About page and to answer your question in advance, “Yes, the fact he is from Kentucky like myself may have been what we call a ‘kickass sidebenefit'”.

The set details of Nathan’s various scheduled interludes with the OTP readership is still being hammered out and may change a bit as we dredge through the offseason, but it’s always nice to have a new person aboard with a fresh perspective and a unique ability to see and hear the things that we cannot. That student perspective may have been the piece missing on OTP for the last several years and it’s nice to finally have it. Welcome to Nathan and feel free to do so yourself via the comments.


3 Responses

  1. Welcome Nathan! Be prepared for the deluge of fans that cannot wait to hook up with a smarmy blogger*.

    *Accuracy of information questionable at best.

  2. Welcome aboard! *Chirp chirp*

  3. Thanks for the welcome and I look forward to helping out.

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