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For BSU Fans, Loads to be Thankful For

I'm sure the history books just forgot to mention that the pilgrims were BSU fans.

It’s Thanksgiving in case you haven’t noticed. And if you haven’t, good luck finding a turkey and the fixings this late in the game. You’d be better off to find some neighbors or a distant relative and crash into their gravy boat. It’s Thanksgiving and more likely than not, they’ll keep their disdain for your existence to themselves. It’s the nice thing to do, after all.

And on this day of thanks, it’s important for BSU football fans to also feel some sense of thankfulness for the current way of things in Muncie. Considering how the last two seasons unfolded, thankfulness wasn’t always the dominant emotion for Cardinals fans. So while unexpected and more than a little new, thankfulness is the order of the day here at OTP. Here’s some things we’re thankful for…

  • Pete Lembo: I think it goes without saying that Coach Lembo has done a tremendous job in his first eleven games in cardinal and white. Whether it continues and if it does how long he stays are issues for another day. Right now, I’m just thankful to be excited about BSU football again.
  • Tom Collins: I never thought I would write that. And frankly, there’s still a truckload of work to do, but Collins has nailed his last two hires in Billy Taylor and Pete Lembo. Kudos to Tom and I’m going to put a one-month moratorium on any Collins related digs here at OTP.
  • The Seniors: This senior class has seen more than any players should have to during a four-year career. Three different coaches, an undefeated regular season, a humbling MAC Championship, two years of Parrishian chaos and turbulence, a grumbling fan base, peaks and valleys of attendance, and a revolving door of coordinators and position coaches all colored their time here. Those that have persevered, in my mind, should go down as one of the reasons BSU football has been able to bounce back and they should all be considered legends in the annals of program history.
  • The Parents: I’m consistently amazed when I get feedback or a note from a parent of a current or former player. It’s a tangible reminder that underneath that helmet and shoulder pads is someone’s son. Edge met with parents in Oklahoma and I think it served as an example that perhaps the most committed and loyal are those with skin in the fight so to speak. It’s easy to sit back and critique someone’s performance or the direction of the program or the lack of rears in the seats at the Scheu, but through thick and thin, wins and losses, the parents are the lifeblood of the program and the ones who remember that it really isn’t about the fans, coaches, or jumbotrons. It’s about the players on the field.
  • The Dedicated BSU Fans: BSU fans come in quite a few different flavors, but those that are dedicated no matter the weather, no matter the record, and no matter the product on the field are what keeps this program going. It’s easy to be loud and boisterous when the team is 12-0 and ranked in the BCS standings. It’s harder to find those brave souls when the bottom is falling out of the 2010 season. For those that stuck with it and kept passionate, you know who you are, and you folks are the foundation of a fanbase that may not be as sizable or impressive as other programs’, but whose passion, knowledge, and love of the team is trumped by no one.

Most importantly and BSU related only tangentially, and I think I can speak for RV and Edge, we’re thankful that you’ve given us the opportunity to invade your brainholes in whatever way we can. Whether it be the postings here at the site, our Twitter or Facebook postings, or the podcast adventures we’ve had, we don’t take the responsibility of entertaining and informing the Cardinals fans lightly. The fact that there’s a group of folks who rely on OTP for their BSU news and commentary is an honor beyond belief. We’ll keep attempting to bring the awesome as long as you’ll have us, and we are immeasurably thankful for the loyalty and support. Happy Thanksgiving one and all, except Toledo fans and their team. Here’s hoping you eat some undercooked yams and spend most of the night battling the hershey squirts.

Happy Thanksgiving and Go Cards!

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