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Associated Press Hates Ball State, Army Thoughts

Photo credit: The Star Press, Jordan Kartholl

The crowd was loud and proud Saturday at Scheumann Stadium

Leave it to the AP poll voters to stick it to BSU any way they can. Six days from now, BSU will travel to Norman, OK in a game many thought would be against #1 Oklahoma. That will unfortunately not be the case as the AP has now dropped the Sooners to #2. Leave it to the AP to make this upset not as impressive since the Sooners will not be #1 when they are defeated by the Cardinals in the AP poll. The Sooners remain the top ranked team in the Coaches Poll, so the chance to upset #1 still exists, it just won’t be as shocking.  I reckon we’ll have to wait a few more years to knock off a consensus #1.

Before we officially open the book on the BSU-Oklahoma game, some final thoughts from this weekend’s Army victory…

  • Kudos to the crowd. Estimates from folks at the game had it around 20k, but the official attendance numbers were just south of 16,000. Considering last week was under 9k, that’s a marked improvement. Amazing what winning can do.
  • Is there a better MAC QB than Keith Wenning? I would argue there isn’t. The knock on Wenning from those that don’t know much about him was that he didn’t stretch the field or have a strong arm. I’d say after Saturday, that argument is a moot one.
  • The BSU rushing attack is in solid hands with Edwards and Scott. With the loss in the offseason of Eric Williams, David Brown stepping away from football, and Cory Sykes still out with an injury there was some reservation about the run game. Probably the most surprising aspect of this year’s team has been the success of Edwards and Scott and both provide different options for Coach Lembo.
  • The Ball State defense had perhaps the best half of football against the option that I’ve ever seen. Playing the option well is an exercise in discipline and assignments, and this team proves again that they are well coached and even better trained.
  • Fans should enjoy the Pete Lembo years in Muncie while they can. With success like this and the extremely bright future that is present with the immense amount of young talent, it’s a virtual certainty he won’t be here long. Hell, if Kevin Wilson keeps sucking at IU, perhaps they’ll reach out to Muncie for their next head man.

5 Responses

  1. I work Saturdays, and I love coming here and getting my BSU football fix! Keep it coming, and GO CARDS!!!

  2. I love the Army win. Lembo was classy in not running the score but it was utter domination.

    On another note, did you see the teams fleeing the Big East? Ball State should try to get in. They are near Cincinnati and Louisville. West Virginia isn’t too far away. Unfortunately we played Rutgers when they had Ray Rice. UCONN was a MAC football team. Bringing a tougher conference schedule would increase crowds and recruiting…. It would attract sports fans who didn’t go to BSU to see some Big East teams. I say let’s push for it!

  3. The Big East is a sinking ship and something that I would want no part of. As bad as the MAC is, the BE isn’t much better.

  4. USF is ranked, WVU is ranked. Cincinnati and Louisville have had good success. Now might be a good time to move to another conference that needs some schools ASAP. The schools in the Big East that do remain consistently reach Top 25 status more than all the MAC teams combined. It would be an easier move now than when things are stable. Seeing BSU play Louisville, Cincinnati, Rutgers and WVU at home on a regular basis would be great. I like it. Those names would easily draw more attention than MAC schools. I do like the MAC, however, we know that it just doesn’t carry the same weight. In reality, the Big East could use a couple MAC schools right now.

  5. I just don’t see the BE being eager to right their ship with a location like Muncie. The football stadiums and basketball arenas at all those places are far larger and the athletic tradition more historic than BSU can provide.

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