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Ball State 28 Buffalo 25

1-0 in the MAC and one step closer to Detroit and the MAC Championship. Pretty? No. A 3 TD blow out as I called? No. A win? Yup. Feels good? Damn yes.

All that needs to be said… all we do is win.

5 Responses

  1. Can we get some “Dancing on the Ceiling” up in this?

  2. I didn’t realize that Ball State had fire hate for us…cause I don’t have fire hate for BSU….but I do have fire hate for Ohio after we lost to them in the MAC championship so I get it.

    I feel like before this season I would agree with your pre game hubris of, we beat them last year and were better, however Buffalo has a much better grasp of identity on offense this year, and a transfer senior QB, that has surprised me and has us much better than we should be.

    That said, we were throughly out-coached today. Before the game I saw Ball State has been a hybrid of West Coast passing and 3 yards and a cloud of dust running… We needed to put the safeties in the box and make the QB beat us downfield. We didn’t do it till we were down 14 and it was too late.

    It stings that we were all robbed of OT due to a blocked XP, but Ball State earned that, and they stopped the 2 pt conversions. But I think we should have won this game.

    That said, I hope the next time the Cardinals are in Buffalo you try restaurants in Buffalo, were very proud of our cuisine, visit the falls, and go clubbing in the Chippewa district. Buffalo isn’t pretty, but we love to eat, drink and watch our sports…we’re not New York City, but we are what we are, and it is good.

    I know you get more hits with hate than with love, and your podcast hate really got me into this game. Hate is hate and I understand but I hope you give us credit for not being the 20 point push overs we used to be.

    I wish you the best of luck in your season,



  3. Absolutely take ownership for a misappropriated prediction. Buffalo was better than I gave them credit for, as I told Tim at BullRun after the game. I’m feeling fortunate to get out with a W and I wish UB the best going forward. Perhaps we’ll see you in Detroit for the MAC Championship!

  4. Attendance was 8,964 !?!?!?!?

    What a joke.

  5. An absolute joke. It’s pretty clear that BSU needs a complete overhaul of how they approach their marketing and game day. It’s not entirely on the university — at some level, the local community and our alumni base need to get off their butts and support this team at the gate — but there are definitely things BSU could do to improve things. (Like ending the stupid 3-hour tailgating rule — I know I sound like a broken record on this, but when BSU is begging for fans to come to the games, why wouldn’t they want as many people hanging around the stadium on game days as possible, for as long as possible?)

    It’s also time to re-direct the marketing emphasis on the Indy metro area. Time to cut bait with the Muncie community, who have demonstrated time and time again that they are unwilling to support BSU, despite the university being the only thing keeping Muncie from being Flint-on-the-Prairie…

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