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Friday’s Fade to the Pylon: Week 1

Without preseason expectations, Dr. Lou just becomes a crazy old man

To say the college football world needs to collect its breath after a glorious opening week would be an embarrassing understatement.  I don’t need to remind you of everything that went down; some of it scarring my heart for all eternity, some of it filling me with beautiful Schadenfreude.  Let me tell you something about good Schadenfreude, it can easily replace a lady of the night if you’re desperate enough.

Among all the happenings of this week something really began to bother me, and it started with the Baylor-TCU upset.  RG3 goes off the reservation against a usually stout defense and is rewarded by the coaches with the opinion that TCU is still better.  This is the world we live in right now – preseason polls set off expectations that lead to unusually stupid decisions in polls.  I think everyone out there would agree with the fact that a week 4ish start to all polls would lead to better respected polls.

The possibility of this happening is about as slim as Kevin Wilson having a winning record against MAC teams this year, as the networks need something to talk about other than real football analysis.  I may be crazy, especially after looking at Alan’s blogpoll, but I see no world where any team is more impressive than LSU or Boise. Maybe part of the beauty of college football is the fact that preseason polls screw over about 100 teams from having any chance of catching lightning in a bottle. Or maybe some intelligent polls that aren’t built on preseason expectations would result in elevating the integrity in a game that is already heavily scrutinized by the lameasses that don’t believe in college football.

How fantastic would it be if the coaches poll was actually based off of each week’s performance and not what was expected?  Throw Oklahoma at #10. If they’re worth a damn they’ll earn themselves a spot in the top 5. But to my eyes, they aren’t a top 5 team yet.  Powderpuff football shouldn’t be rewarded and neither should not showing up for a game against a Big East team.  So let’s just stop setting preseason expectations completely and let these damn teams play out their season.


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