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Media Guide Released, Kiss Your Workday Goodbye

Stick to the Bible, Gutenberg. BSU has no use for your fancy printing press.

It’s Friday. You need time wasters. Well, friend, you’re in luck. BSU’s digital media guide is hot off the digital presses and you can snag that puppy right here. BSU dove headfirst into the digital media guide craze a few years ago and quite honestly, it’s become the norm at most places. It’s ridiculously cost-effective compared to the print editions with their glossy pages and fancy covers, far easier to update, edit, or change if necessary, and keeps BSU at least in the universe of cutting edge. There’s embedded video, a great section on the history and tradition, and tons of other goodies that should keep you busy for most of the day. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Instead of turning this particular post into another diatribe about how print journalism and putting things on actual paper is about the same as building a log cabin with no indoor plumbing, I’ll simply say it’s nice to see a University that lauds itself for its media and journalism throw down the gauntlet for the rest of the conference. Before you ask, search for, or are otherwise disappointed, yes there is a photo and some text regarding President Gora. It doesn’t have her resume, though, nor does it seem like they went to extensive lengths to make her appear semi-human and or borderline caring. So the media guide has that going for it as well.


2 Responses

  1. Umm BSU kinda IS known for “rich media”

  2. Agreed. Which made it even more infuriating before this year that we didn’t take advantage of said experience with rich media. Incidentally, does rich media look at normal media and shake its head disapprovingly? Does it wonder where normal media went wrong or if it has a drug problem? Does it hope normal media doesn’t move into its neighborhood and devalue the home prices? I’m curioius…

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