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Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Awesomness

I assume what is creating the delay in debt ceiling talks is the constant refreshing of OTP to see where we were.

There are certain blogs I read on a fairly regular basis that occasionally go dark for a while and/or have some technical or other problems that necessitate a time away from posting. Usually when that happens, it pisses me off no matter the reason because I consider my need of humor, information, or other assorted blogtacular type things to trump pretty much everything else in the world. What further pisses me off is when the wide array of cheerleader photos, athlete Twitter dong, or Mike Leach fishing trip recaps get cluttered up with the inevitable post that explains in great detail what happened, what went wrong, apologies, etc. That isn’t what this post is either, lest I come across as a hypocritical douchebag. What this post does though is let folks know that the site is back to its normal operating schedule going forward, albeit a bit more behind than we’d like to be at this point. You can read about what said issue was on the site, thanks to RV, and for the folks who commented, emailed, tweeted, or texted, your sentiments and thoughts were appreciated.

Going forward, here’s what you’ve got to look forward to as we start to inch closer to preseason camp and then the start of the season on September 3:

  • We’ll be recapping the moves that BSU has made since I had to step away. Some scholarships given, depth chart implications, recruiting, and other Cardinal funness.
  • The Know an ’11 Opponent series focusing on BSU’s nonconference schedule will kick off this week. In some respects I’m a little bummed that IU is the first game of the season, as that Know an ’11 Opponent piece will not only be the most informative, there’s a good chance it will be the most inflammatory as well. Starting out on a high note.
  • The normal preseason stuff we give to all of you that isn’t Cardinal-centric will be condensed down and a bit smaller than normal. We’ll still do our preseason previews and Prelude to a Season pieces, but perhaps not the deep drilling that we used to. RV and I (and perhaps Edge if you’re lucky) will get out our conference predictions as well.
  • What I’m most looking forward to is the return of the OTPCast, premiering in late August for all your IU fun-poking as well as some info about the ’11 season on the college football macro-level.
Of course, all of that could change given some huge piece of news but that’s at least the gameplan now. We’re back and ready to rock, and the number of Saturdays to be productive members of society are growing smaller. Get it on…

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