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Happy Memorial Day, Y’all

You know, when I was little, Memorial Day was nothing more than one of the truest signs that summer was upon us. The parents got a 3-day weekend, the Indy 500 was on, and it was usually the first of many times to be lazy, hang with family, and enjoy life. As you get older, Memorial Day begins to take on a bit of a different meaning, usually contingent on where you’re at in your career and life. Just starting out and getting used to the 8-to-5 grind? Then it’s an excuse to cook out, have fun, and work only four days the following week. Perhaps you’re still in that mindset, perhaps not, but I would be remiss if I didn’t take a moment to extol a bit on what Memorial Day has come to symbolize for me.

To say my connection to the military is a primary one would be incorrect as I have never served in the armed forces. However, in looking at my family tree it seems as if I’m the only one. Both grandfathers served, numerous great uncles served, my sister served, and The Dad was a combat veteran as well. To say the military was supported in my household growing up is perhaps the biggest understatement that’s seen this blog. Thanks to The Dad and his service, a love of this country and an unfailing respect and gratitude for those that serve it was instilled early and remains today. It’s strengthened every time I see a military burial in Arlington or walk past the many veterans’ memorials in Washington, DC on my way about town, including the one particular name on the Vietnam War Memorial that means a bit more to me than the thousands of others.

So while the auto races that I’ll enjoy are nice, the day off on Monday is quite needed, and the mattresses around the country are at rock-bottom prices, I hope at some point you can at minimum give a moment’s thought and a mental thanks for those that have made the commitment to serve and those that made the ultimate sacrifice along the way so that we can all enjoy said races, beds, and vacations. I can’t imagine that smarmily blogging about Ball State football was a freedom that my dozens of relatives and all the other service men and women were fighting for, I consider it a nice ancillary benefit all the same. Thanks to all of you for your service, courage, and honor. Take it away, boys…

Happy Memorial Day to all… Go Cards!


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