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Spring Game Details Released

What we expect the stands to look like on Saturday

In case you’ve forgotten, don’t read the paper, don’t check the Web, don’t check OTP, and don’t listen to the podcast, the spring game for the Cardinals is this Saturday. Of course, if you’re that averse to technology and information, you wouldn’t be reading this now. For those of you who do in fact know about the spring game, some details about how the game will run have come to light, thanks to Coach Lembo in his newsletter. The dirty details…

The scrimmage will begin with a short PAT/field goal segment before we begin “moving the ball”. The first offense will go against the first defense throughout the scrimmage and the same goes for the 2’s and 3’s. After each stop by the defense, the field position will change 35 yards. The offense can go for it on fourth down if they choose to in or just outside the red zone. In between each “quarter” there will be some special teams drills. By the end of the day, we hope to get about 60 plays for the first team and 40 or so for the 2’s and 3’s.

Both sides have a number of opportunities to score points in the scrimmage. The offense will be awarded points for the following:
First Down (1)
Touchdown (6)
PAT (1)
Field Goal (3)
Two point conversion (2)

The defense can accumulate points in the following ways:
Stop a drive (1)
Stop a drive with a “Three and out” (3)
Takeaway (3)
Defensive Touchdown (7 – assume PAT)
Safety (2)

An interesting way to do it, for sure, but with the lack of depth at certain positions, I’m not sure fielding two separate competitive offenses and defenses would have been possible. Additionally, it allows for the entire offensive and defensive units to get some game time experience under their belts together. With a new system, playbook, and different roles for certain folks, cohesion and familiarity is a good thing going forward. And plus, with those types of scoring opportunities, it could easily be something ridiculous like 85-75. The comment section below is a good place to make your predictions, and considering no one really knows how this will go, I expect some wildly unrealistic guesses. Commence.

Saturday, 3pm, be there or be square.


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