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Stan Parrish Makes Cameo on Tom Brady Slurpfest

I am admittedly not the world’s biggest NFL fan. Yes, I keep up with the Colts and Bears as the two most local NFL teams to my Indiana roots, but for the most part, I can take or leave the copious amounts of inflated salaries and inflated egos of the boys who play on Sunday. So unlike most NFL die hards, I was not in fact glued to my television tonight for the ballwashing of Tom Brady that ESPN broadcasted as part of their Year of the QB (whatever the hell that is) and instead went about my nightly routine of the gym, dinner, and other assorted offseason adult type time fillers.

When I finally plopped down on the sofa to catch up on some DVR’d awesomeness, ESPN was on and this was the image that greeted me when the TV finally powered on:

Don’t adjust your monitors. All up in your face is a blast from the Ball State not too distant past as one Stan Parrish got himself some screen time as they were apparently recapping Brady’s Michigan years.

Suffice to say, this didn’t leave me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, and instead sort of made the frustration and unhappiness about the last couple years that I thought was long since buried bubble up to the surface. Say what you will about Stan as a head coach at BSU, as a Coordinator or position coach throughout his career it is hard to argue or question his ability or results. It was a little perspective I guess since his ability and results as a head coach demonstrated with his time at BSU are also unable to be argued or questioned. The fact that those two arguments have very different outcomes is still puzzling. Parrish has become a bit of a hermit since leaving the program, with no press, no job, and nothing really Stan related trickling out into the public domain. Something tells me Stan was watching tonight, though, whether he’s an NFL fan or not.


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