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Spring Game Honorary Coaches Named

I give the spring game a 10!

In recent years the trend has been to honor the past of your program by giving a headset and a playcard to a former coach who roams around the sidelines during the spring game. BSU is jumping on that idea with the inclusion of two former coaches. One you remember fondly and one… well… yeah… he’s back too.

 Take it away, BSU release…

Ball State first-year head football coach Pete Lembo has reached into the Cardinals’ football history and selected Bill Lynch and Paul Schudel as honorary coaches for this year’s Spring Game April 23, at Scheumann Stadium.

“Paul Schudel and Bill Lynch are two coaching icons who are an integral part of Ball State’s football history,” Lembo says.  “It is important they are also a part of our present and future. I am very excited they will be joining us for the Spring Game.

“Lynch and Schudel were each head coaches for the Ball State football team, and Lynch also served a stint as an assistant for the Cardinals.  In addition, two of Lynch’s sons — Billy and Joey — lettered in football at Ball State.  Joey Lynch is currently in his third year as an assistant coach for the Cardinals, while Billy is an assistant football coach at Rice.

Coach Lynch was Ball State’s head football coach from 1995-2002 and guided the Cardinals to the 1996 Mid-American Conference Championship and a berth in the Las Vegas Bowl.

Coach Schudel spent from 1985-94 as the Cardinals head coach and led Ball State to the 1989 and 1993 MAC Championships and a berth in the California Raisin Bowl after the 1989 season and the Las Vegas Bowl after the 1993 campaign.

Now, I and this blog have been a fairly major supporter of this new Lembo administration since the get go. He’s made inroads with the fans, the community, and the former players. Including Coach Schudel? Awesome. Historically, he is one of the more successful coaches in BSU history and certainly worth including. But including Lynch, a former coach who is nothing more than a punchline, doesn’t necessarily make me feel proud of the BSU football tradition. I certainly don’t want current players to emulate the success or lack thereof from the Lynch years. I’ll give Coach Lembo the benefit of the doubt on this one, but I still feel queezy about including anything Bill Lynchian in the future of BSU football.


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  1. The page is still interesting and I always learn, guys! Keep up the good work.

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