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The Obligatory NFL Post

Since the BSU football front is fairly quiet now, and it will be until National Signing Day in February, we turn our attention, briefly, to the football players who suit up on Sunday and who get paid to play…. more than Cam Newton. It’s not that I don’t follow the NFL, far from it actually, but college football forever has my heart. The NFL is simply a stop-gap mistress when my first love is away or otherwise unavailable, and seeing as how this college football season is slowly winding down it’s time to at least start paying attention to the mistress, lest she find something more exciting than being second fiddle in my sports bedroom.

Being the loyal midwesterner that I am, I follow the Colts and Bears, and both are in good shape for the playoffs. The Bears have already clenched their berth and the Colts can do the same with a win on Sunday versus the trainwreck known as the Tennessee Titans. Do I think either team has a chance at the Super Bowl? Perhaps. Could a repeat of the 2006 season happen again and see the Colts and Bears square off in the Alan Bowl? Possibly, but that’s a long shot. Far too many teams in the AFC are just as talented and considerably healthier than the Colts, and the Bears have some glaring problems on both sides of the football and have been consistently inconsistent for most of the season. How they’ve won 11 games is beyond me, but it just goes to show that a steadfast defense wins you more games than a flashy offense. Take some notes, Coach Lembo.

So despite the fact that a majority of the playoff tickets have already been punched, the finale of the 2010 season actually has some meaning for me. In years past, it was an opportunity to check out the 2nd and 3rd string for the Colts, as they yet again took a couple weeks off after winning a baker’s dozen and rested up for the playoffs. This week, it matters. A win means the mistress and I are back on good terms. A loss and it means it’s back to the wife of college football for at least the next week or so.

For those of you who like to make money on the football you’re watching, there’s still time despite the season winding down. Super Bowl 2011 provided by BetUS is only two months away but great odds can still be found on a number of teams.  With so many things undecided in both the AFC Conference and NFC Conference, it makes sense for football handicappers with strong opinions to log onto the sportsbook and get those Super Bowl wagers down before the odds pass them by! Good luck with your wagers and cross your fingers that your payday, along with Indianapolis’ comes in.


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