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SEC Power Poll: Week 12

We here at OverThePylon were asked to be a voting member in the SEC Power Poll this season hosted by Team Speed Kills. It’s a collection of the best and brightest SEC blogs throughout the college football landscape and we are fortunate to be a part of it with our loose affiliation to the Kentucky Wildcats. Each week we’ll be posting our ballot, and an expansion of the little blurbs we have to put forward with our votes.

General Power Poll Philosophy
In general, it wouldn’t really make sense for us not to start off with the teams already ranked on our SBNation Blogpoll. So that’s the starting point. From there it’s an exercise in resume evaluation, accomplishments, and expectation. Some use their Power Poll as an evaluation of who would win on a neutral field given the teams’ recent performances while their poll ballots are a combination of where the teams started, how they’ve done, all balanced with preseason expectations. Our Power Poll ballot is a nice hybrid of the two, as is our Blogpoll Ballot.

As I’m sure folks realize, our SEC coverage on the blog has been a bit non-existent this season. Hell, our coverage of BSU has been sorely lacking most weeks. Suffice to say, real life has gotten in the way of posting most times. That of course hasn’t changed our Saturday routine of becoming a football-centric waste of space and basically challenging all around me to not need to speak with me, deal with me, or interact with me in any way at 3:30 as long as CBS is still broadcasting. Off we go with this week’s ballot…

1.) Auburn: Special season for the Tigers, one that I hope doesn’t end up 0-0 with asterisks galore.

2.) LSU: It would take craziness for the Tigers to compete for the national championship without playing for the SEC title, but craziness and Les Miles go together like peas and carrots.

3.) Alabama: No repeat championship for the Tide, but something tells me ruining Auburn’s shot at it in the Iron Bowl would almost be as sweet.

4.) Arkansas: If the Razorbacks beat both MSU and LSU to close the season, then Petrino with a 10-2 record should get some looks at Coach of the Year honors.

5.) South Carolina: Incredible that the SEC East Champs are this far down the poll. Leave it to the Head Ball Coach to wreck the establishment

6.) Mississippi State: Kept it close against Bama, now get the chance to upset Arkansas. This is not the same MSU that Croom’d the SEC the last few seasons.

7.) Florida: If Steve Addazio doesn’t get fired to end this year there’s a good chance Florida fans won’t let him live until Christmas. He’s turned a Corvette into a Kia.

8.) Georgia: Respectable against Auburn, but UGA has left much to be desired this season. Let the Richt questions begin in earnest.

9.) Kentucky: Bowl eligible again for the Wildcats. Bring on the third-tier bowls and their crappy Big East opponent!

10.) Tennessee: It is only appropriate that Tennessee finds some sort of motivation and performance right before the Kentucky game. That’s super.

11.) Ole Miss: Winning out makes the Rebels bowl eligible. That’s not only unlikely but completely unbelievable.

12.) Vandy: Only SEC team that cannot get to bowl eligible. That’s not the exclusive club that you want to be in.


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