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Ugly or Not, Cardinals Win

Hop your ass to 0-10, Zips

I could sit here and be a curmudgeon and point out all the things that went wrong. I could second guess the play calls, question personnel decisions, et cetera, et cetera, ad nauseam. Now isn’t the time to question a hiring, question retaining, question the ability of this team. Now’s the time to celebrate.

Sure, there will be people who try to piss on the parade with their standard mantra of “Does beating a crappy team really excite us now? How far we’ve fallen!” And for those people who wish to check in with the usual, predictable, and so 2009 negativity they can proceed to locate my ass (it isn’t hard) and kiss it. Despite some bad luck, some bad plays, some bad injuries, and some bad attitudes swirling through the fanbase, this team battled through and won. We actually won. WE WON! It feels damn good and the fact that Akron was winless, one of the worst teams in the country, and we needed double overtime to get the W matters approximately zero. A win is a win and I’ll take it however we can get it. Consider Akron the dorm rat pushing two bills at Dill Street on a Thursday night. I’m sure you’d rather bag a Chi Omega, but a slumpbuster is what it is.

We’ll be back tomorrow to actually break down the game, take a look at the box score, recap what we thought and sort of give a feeling as to where we’re at after the victory, but for now, it’s time to just relax and be happy.

And you can’t have a happy joyful victory celebration without the OTP standard celebration tune. Find yourself a ceiling Cardinals fans and dance all over it.


One Response

  1. Mark Grace approves of the accurate “slumpbuster” reference in this post…

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