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Wear Your Support for Nate Davis

If you’re anything like me, you’re looking for a way to help support Nate Davis as he attempts to play his way into the good graces of Mike Singletary and his giant wooden crucifix. With Alex Smith facing some potential injury time, it’s time to fire up the bandwagon and drive it right into the heart of San Francisco to let them know there is a potential gem sitting on their practice squad. We as Ball State fans know the capabilities of Nate, but apparently those that be in 49erland have yet to sort of grasp this concept. Or they have and they just really enjoy losing. Either way, it’s time the Cardinals fans pay it forward for Nate. And you can do that by ordering one of these human billboard makers known as a Tshirt from Niners Nation Online. What does it look like? Glad you asked…

For any BSU fan or Niners fan who gets one of these puppies, photos themselves in it, and sends it our way we’ll not only publicize on the site, but we’ll send it to the 49ers. Picture by picture, email by email. Because we’re bored and we have nothing better to do than try to get our former Cardinal some NFL playing time, and this sure beats the pitchforks and fire-lit items we were going to use to make our point.

So order the shirt here, and send an email in your new duds to overthepylon[at]gmail. Winning photo deemed by either us or the¬†commenters will get some sort of cool little prize. How do we judge who wins? Who knows. Could be location, could be background, could be anything really. Erin Andrews in the tshirt alone? Yeah… that’s gonna win. Buy the shirt, support Nate, have some fun.

2 Responses

  1. As a frequent commenter, I can voice my pre-vote and say that any female photographed in this and a pair or boyshorts is the winner.

  2. Would’ve been a lot funnier if it said “FERE NAET”.

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