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Week 9 Blogpoll Ballot Draft

Sunday and time once again for the weekly blogpoll ballot hosted over at SBNation. Our ballot is only as good as you make it, so let us know what we’re missing or what we haven’t judged correctly.

WVU, Texas, and Northwestern all say goodbye on our ballot with their somewhat inexplicable losses. I feel a bit odd leaving Michigan State and Utah where they are rather than moving them up, but neither, at least in my opinion are worthy of being ranked of Wisconsin or Missouri. Yes, I know Wisconsin lost to Michigan State, but in the past two weeks the Badgers have beaten Ohio State and Iowa, the latter on the road. That’s worthy of jumping the team that beat you if anything ever was.

The rest of the ballot is for the most part just teams moving up when those ahead of them were beaten and subsequently drop or drop out of the poll. New additions this week are Miami, USC, and Baylor and I have a feeling at least one of them will be nowhere to found after this coming weekend.


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