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The Final Word on CMU

OTP Offensive MVP for Central Michigan, Eric Williams

What a nice way to start a new game week, by celebrating an unexpected though much needed victory from Saturday past. That, ladies and gents, is quite the way to start the week, and hopefully a harbinger of tremendously good things to come for this Cardinal team.

The animated drive chart of the Saturday festivities can be found here.

In our preview post, we identified three things that would mean a victory for the Cardinals come Saturday. Limiting the passing attack of CMU, scoring when in the red zone, and winning the turnover battle. Check, check, and check for these Cardinals. Defensively, the Cards certainly shut down CMU’s attack early and often. Holding Ryan Radcliff to his lowest QB rating of the season, along with six sacks made it difficult for Radcliff to ever find a rhythm. The Cardinals went 100% in the red zone (1 TD & 1 FG) though it wasn’t the red zone plays that made the difference. The “big plays” like Eric Williams’ touchdown catch or David Brown’s sprint to the end zone were certainly the tide that rose to lift the Cardinals boat. The turnover battle BSU won 4-1, and that may have been the most important statistic of the day. The much maligned defense stepped it up when needed, and certainly rose to the occasion.

OTP’s Defensive MVP goes to Robert Eddins who probably will follow Radcliff to class today and sack him again. That will go nicely with the 4.5 sacks Eddins compiled this weekend. Offensively, the OTP MVP goes to Eric Williams, who racked uo 183 yards and 3 TDs.

So, Cardinal fans, the final word on this year’s CMU victory is:

  • Resurrection (n.)
    • The act of rising from the dead or returning to life
    • The state of one who has returned to life
    • The act of bringing back to practice, notice, or use; revival

One Response

  1. It’s one game, but I can’t remember a more refreshing victory in quite a while. First gulp is for thirst, the rest are for kicks…

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