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Blogpoll Week 5 Draft Ballot

For some reason, I found the Blogpoll ballot this week to be increasingly difficult than in recent weeks. Perhaps it’s a mixture still of certain teams playing no one, certain teams with inexplicable losses, and others still with just lackluster results. Take Oklahoma. They didn’t lose, but they certainly didn’t win in any kind of impressive fashion. Then there’s Ohio State who beats the holy hell out of Eastern Michigan. Is that really something that gives us any sort of insight into just how good (or not) Ohio State is? Of course not. So at this point, it’s sort of a hodgepodge of impressions, results, and performances all tempered through the lens of “Against Whom?”. It’s not an exact science, and truthfully, outside the first five, you could literally switch any and all and it would be just as easily justifiable. Comment away on what looks klunky or out of place. Final ballots not due until early Wednesday, so feedback is much appreciated.


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