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Know the Liberty Flames

People come to OTP for all sorts of reasons. Some for humor, some for football knowledge, others to learn about the Cards and their opponent, others still because RedTube is blocked at work. Different strokes for different folks. Today, OTP shoulders the burden to educate you a bit on Liberty University, the Cardinals’ opponent on Saturday. Rumor has it that some Liberty faithful will be making the trip on Saturday to Scheumann Stadium, so it’s always nice to know a little about the fans and students who will be venturing to the den of sin in Muncie.

Liberty, in Lynchburg, VA (a former home of mine… the city not the school) is quite the different sort of college. Strict religious affiliation and strict rules. Their rules, known as the Liberty Way, has quite the opinion on things that most college students never really have to worry about. Because of the heathens and sinners who read this blog, rather than use simple text, we thought we’d bring you a photo essay on what is and isn’t allowed should you ever find yourself on Liberty’s campus.

Ok. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s take a look at the flip side of the allowed coin.

Everyone clear?


4 Responses

  1. Classic. What a crazy bunch of rules. They’ll not fit well in Muncie if any students make the trip.

  2. For all the whiny babies on BSUFans, lighten the hell up. It’s funny.

  3. Did you guys change some of the picture essay? After reading bsufans.com I was expecting much worse. Seriously?

  4. Nope… the ones that are up are the ones we started with. For those that may be offended, in the words of Sgt. Hulka from Stripes… Lighten up, Francis.

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