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Batten down the hatches, boys and girls. Put the women and children to bed. It is GAMEDAY in Muncie, IN.

While we would normally preview the ins and outs of this particular game and contest, it would be a waste of time. SEMO isn’t a team we are worried about, they are lambs being led to the slaughter, and Stan the Executioner is about to open a king sized can of whoop ass on the Redhawks. Is it possible we lose this game? Sure. It’s possible anything can happen. But this isn’t one of those teams that gives me pause. This isn’t an FCS powerhouse. This isn’t a Ball State team loaded with freshmen and inexperience.

What this is is the opportunity for this team to make a statement. It is the opportunity to blow the stench of a 2-10 season right out the door. It is the opportunity to show everyone who has poked fun, not believed in, or belittled this team over the last 9 months just how wrong they were. It is the opportunity at redemption. It is the opportunity at rebirth. It is the opportunity to succeed.

At some point tonight, a mistake will be made. At some point tonight, something will occur that will drive the fanbase into fever pitch. At some point tonight, there will be doubts about the ability of this team to succeed. Let’s try to forget about all those things, and focus instead on the things that will also be prevalent. At some point tonight, a brutal block, perfect pass, or violent juke will be levied against the Redhawks. At some point tonight, something will occur that will make the thousands in attendance gasp in awed admiration for what has transpired. At some point tonight, this team will look like world beaters ready for Alabama, Boise State, or Ohio State. That is the Ball State team we hope for and the Ball State team we’ll get at some point, if only for a few moments.

It’s often lost amidst the shuffle of preseason hype, prognostications, and expectations that there are 94 young men who are not perfect. Who are not superhuman. Who are not professionals. They sacrifice time, effort, work, academics, and most important and quite often, their health for the love of the game and to entertain all of us who revel in the relaxation, passion, and happiness that brings us each and every weekend. To all of them, my thanks, and I hope all of you join me in wishing our Cardinals great success, great health, and a successful season! Go Cardinals!


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