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Monday Funday for the Cardinals

Yay!!! Weekends are #1!

Oh, start of the week, how I loathe you. Just a few days ago it was cold beers and HD sports, now here we sit at a desk writing things that matter, solving problems that don’t, and generally counting down the hours until I am reunited with my first sexy love, the weekend, instead of this vindictive bag of bitch I live with now called the work week. Suddenly, I understand exactly why Tiger was so hellbent and determined to get some strange. Makes total sense, if you substitute “not working and having fun” with “banging a diner waitress”. Your welcome for the kick ass analogy, feel free to use it, since you’ll probably just steal it anyway.

News From the Nest

  • Doug Z has a nice little write up on Jamil Smith, the tiny albeit hard-working receiver for the Cardinals. It’s an interesting read, and something I’m sure many people can relate to if they ever felt undersized. Personally that’s never been a real sticking point for me as I’m pretty sure I was 5’8″ and weighed 137 when my mother expelled me from her uterus. Which after living a little bit of life, makes me feel sorry for my father.
  • The Star Press does a little human interest piece on Fan Jam and chats with a few folks about the experiences there. For a program struggling to find their place amidst the hotbed of college football known as Mid America (the geographical location, not the conference) anything you can do to draw people in is well worth the price. Free posters, free food and meeting the team are all good ways. Roll in some hot dog man and several kegs and you may just get the student body as well.
  • Former Card Nate Davis returned to Indiana on Sunday, playing with the 49ers in their preseason contest against the Colts. Nate’s stat line was actually pretty good, going 5/6 for 84 yards. It’s NFL preseason, so it means approximately nothing, but at least it was nice to see Davis play. Well.
  • Speaking of former Ball State players, Cowboys tackle Robert Brewster can scratch ESPN.com’s Matt Mosley off his Christmas card list and instead put him at the top of his “People to Punch in the Throat” list. Mosley’s recent blog about the Dallas offensive line had this to say about Brewster:

    I was eager to see how former third-round draft pick Robert Brewster performed at left tackle against the Raiders. And once again, he turned in a dud. Not even the optimistic Phillips will be able to praise Brewster after Thursday’s showing. His feet are stuck in neutral and there’s absolutely no anchor. When you watch him, he’s getting pushed directly toward the quarterback. He’s most susceptible to an outside speed rush right now, and that’s not a good sign. Brewster will keep getting chances, but I thought that was a poor showing. Brewster was also penalized for grabbing a defensive end as he raced past.

  • Kelly Page remembers one particular play from last season, namely the interception for a TD against Army which subsequently caused me to drink profusely at the bar we were at in Washington, DC. Glad it was as frustrating for you as it was for me, Kelly.

Around the Blogosphere

  • The blogging giant known as Spencer Hall, he of EverydayShouldBeSaturday fame, brings to you 100 Thoughts About the 2010 College Football Season. Read it, love it, wish you were him.
  • SBNation has introduced a catch-all MAC site called The Hustle Belt. I’m always curious to see how the sites that cover everything for multiple schools manage to make it all work, but it’s nice to see SBNation repping the MAC moreso than the one blog (Red and Black Attack) that’s on their network now. I understand why the MAC is left out, and while I understand, it doesn’t make it any less stinging that the conference is largely ruled irrelevant in terms of the major revenue sports. That won’t change until the conference itself changes for the better, and based on what’s been happening lately, I won’t hold my breath. Our sandbox isn’t the biggest or the flashiest, but it’s still damn fun and that’s alright with me.
  • VanDelay breaks the story and the subsequent insanity surrounding the MAC Football Media Day and the resulting voting and ranking from the mainstream f0lks. Normally, I would smarmily say something about how this dying industry has clearly lost touch with reality, how they should find the nearest blunt object and proceed to deposit it into their nether regions, so on and so forth. That is until…
  • BullRun decided to ask the MAC blogs of note how our media poll would look and it’s pretty much the same poll. Which troubles me a bit. OTP and yours truly did get the Homer Award or something like that for ranking Ball State higher than the rest of the group, and in some ways, that sort of validates me. I am unlike the rest of the MAC blogs, that were like the mainstream media, therefore, er go, OTP =/= mainstream media. Success suckers! We’re crazy alright… crazy like a fox.

17 days until the season opener. Time to jump on board the bandwagon or get run over by it. Go Cardinals!

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