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The MAC Clearly Has a Sense of Humor

Let it never be said that the MidAmerican Conference doesn’t have a sense of humor or at the very least, irony. Headling their preseason media day festivities will be Bill Hancock, executive director of the BCS and ESPN Gameday’s Desmond Howard. Personally, I think this is simply hysterical. Bill Hancock, executive director of an organization that the MAC seems to have no chance of cracking and Desmond Howard, the 4th chair for the network that acts as if the MAC is really an FCS conference are the two celebrity speakers for the MAC media, coaches and student athletes. This seems like a really fantastic idea. That’s sarcasm, but based on how the MAC runs things most times, I can’t say I’m surprised.

Perhaps it’s the bitter vindictive blogger in me, since according to Mitch Albom that’s all we are, but I just can’t believe that these two folks are going to deliver anything worth reading or hearing to a room full of MAC folks. What’s Hancock going to say? I can only hope he’s honest and gives a luncheon address about knowing your place in life and never reaching too far out of your ability, since that’s basically the message the BCS tells the MAC each and every year. As for Howard, I’m not sure what sort of wisdom he can impart onto the MAC media, but if he wants to be helpful he should teach them how to get those kick ass tie knots.

For the Cardinals at Media Day, the representatives will be Stan Parrish, Quale Lewis and Robert Eddins and I can only hope that they listen to absolutely nothing these two chuckleheads have to say.


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