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A Little Nate Davis News

I remember these times.

Granted, OTP is a college football site, but we always keep a watchful eye on the big boys that play on Sunday, especially now that former Ball Stater Nate Davis stands on the verge of making an impact in the League. Nate would have to beat out Alex Smith and David Carr for the starters job, and while certainly not easy, it isn’t as if he’s battling an entrenched sort of Manningesque Pro Bowler. That’s a good thing. Will it be this year? Perhaps not, but Davis still has a future in this League, a fact not lost on 49er fans and faithful. Are they expecting Nate to come in and tear the NFL up the way he did the MAC? Of course not. But they already know what Smith and Carr can do. Davis is the great unknown, and sports perhaps more so than any other avenue doesn’t subscribe to the “Devil you know…” mantra.

So is relative unknownness, a boatload of talent, and youth enough to start laying all your paychecks on the 49ers? If you think so, then head on over and check out the NFL Lines, because it’s never to early to start preparing for that dare to be rich moment.

Some Davis news from aroujnd the Web…

  • Dave Razzano, NFL scout and son of legendary 49er scout Tony Razzano, thinks Davis may very well be the answer for the 49ers QB problems, and is certainly better for their success than Alex Smith. “When I evaluated him, I thought he was the same guy as Mark Sanchez,” Razzano said. “I thought they were very similar. But you have to put a guy on the field and let him play. There’s a reason Ball State was, like, 12-1 or 13-1 for the first time ever. And now they’re back to winning two games. That guy was a heck of a quarterback. “They might say, ‘He doesn’t learn this or that.’ If they just handed him the keys, that’s their answer. He’ll make mistakes, but he won’t make the same mistake twice. This kid made every throw imaginable. It wasn’t a short-passing game (at Ball State). There would be guys in his face and he’d roll out, man, he hit guys on a 30-yard freakin’ strike between defenders. The kid was unbelievable. I knew he’d fall (in the draft) because in the spring all that garbage comes in.”  (linky)
  • Nate’s been involved in some charity work around the bay area. He lent his time and appearance to the Robert Julian Robbins dedicated to gun safety after a tragic shooting of a 3-year old. ND… always a class act. (linky)
  • In case you were wondering, and you’re a Madden fan, Madden 11 has Davis rated as a 65 overall, same as David Carr. That’s also below Alex Smith’s 77. (linky)

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