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Nothing to do with Notre Dame, but this small leprechaun does make an appearance in this column

Edge is back. And let me tell you something – there has been no shortage of news in the college football world. Conferences are expanding and contracting, and it seems like we’re just a few moves away from some serious super-conferences that may completely kill the BCS. But that’s for another time, possibly a podcast?

Since our pseudo-hibernation, I’ve learned a few things. You might want to take some notes. The first thing to remember is this: the Luxor in Vegas makes some pretty strong scotch drinks. So strong in fact, you’ll think roulette is a sure winner, even when you’re down to your last five dollars. The lesson here is: avoid the Luxor’s scotch.

The second lesson: Don’t kneel when taking a picture with a midget dressed as a leprechaun. Apparently they hate that.

The third lesson: always set aside $60 in mid-July. That’s right NCAA fans – EA sports is releasing NCAA Football ’11 on July 13. I hope you’ve saved some vacation days, because this one is going to be pretty involved.

First of all, the Dynasty mode will probably cause you to lose your job. Not only will you be able to recruit from your console of choice, you will also be able to pick up where you left off on your iPhone or iPad. Yep, you heard that right. You can make the big moves and negotiations Rosenhaus-style. Also, Dynasty updates or big events can be emailed directly to you. Seriously, just go ahead and get your resumes ready now, because you’ll probably lose your job.

Some of the other features that will make the game more authentic include more accurate playbooks (even for BSU!). Maybe that’s not such a good thing. The “Locomotion System” looks to be a major enhancement as well. As a running back, you will be able to make an explosive first step and stop on a dime while having to maintain balance to get moving again. Sounds tricky, and I’d not recommend a bunch of drinkage while trying this.

While there’s no word yet whether or not stadiums will be updated from years past, EA is promising 150 authentic stadiums, so perhaps BSU will have the pillars and lawn seating shown this year. And don’t fret: Erin Andrews is back.

The only drawback? No Lee Corso. Seriously, WTF? He might have gotten annoying, but he was at least somewhat entertaining by brining a little bit of enthusiasm to the mostly-bland Herbie.

You can download the demo now on most consoles of choice, so go check it out when you have a free moment. Who am I kidding, you have time to read this – go get the demo and save your pennies for July 13. OTP Online Dynasty could happen as well, so send us an email to get signed up first.


2 Responses

  1. Scheumann has been upgraded went to the 2011 team builder and went to the stadium creation and the pillars and press box are all their

  2. there*

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