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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, This is Your Captain Speaking

Go play intramurals, brother. Pac 10 intramurals!

Well, wasn’t that nice and special? The whirlwind of conference expansion and shifting that most thought were going to tear apart the FBS like Charlie Weis at a ribroast turned out to be nothing short of disappointing and nowhere close to worth all the hype, chaos, and ridiculousness that spewed forth from the interwebs. Colorado and Utah to the Pac 10? Super. Nebraska to the Big 10? Awesome. The Big 12 sticking around? Dandy. It’s like we all were expecting a Peter North sized blast of shocking news and instead got an Abe Vigoda trickle. So it goes in college athletics, I suppose. I doubt seriously that this movement is done but I think it does at least get put on some sort of hiatus for a while. The Buffalos and Temples of the world are far too tempting to sit in the MAC forever.

So now, we sit back and idly twidle our thumbs until September, when finally, FINALLY, oh sweet merciful Jeebus, football finally returns. And once again our Thursdays, Saturdays, occasional Fridays, and some Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays actually have a meaning and a purpose once again. Sure, there’s stuff like jobs or families or hobbies now, but let’s be honest… wouldn’t you rather be watching Gameday at 10am on a Saturday, beer battering your brats for the afternoon cookout, and planning your viewing schedule than cutting the grass, weeding the flower beds, or painting the house? Thought so.

As for OTP, you have my sincerest apologies for the lack of substantive posting over the last couple weeks (hell the last month or so really). After going through a pretty significant life change (no, it wasn’t menopause), getting a promotion at work (the real work), and moving into a new home, blogging just sort of took a backseat. Granted, that’s all excuses, and I’m sure the overwhelming response will be somewhere between “Who cares?” to “”Whaaaaa… have a tampon” and both are entirely valid. But the fire has been rekindled and hopefully OTP will be back in the routine of being smarmy, sarcastic, and anti-Buffalo. It’s the least we can do.

Coming up this week are the 2010 opponent previews along with some Q+A from their representatives in the blogosphere if they have one. Surprisingly enough, Liberty doesn’t, at least that I could find. But I guess after hating the gays and prohibiting premarital sex on campus, there isn’t much time left for football blogs. C’est la vie. Buckle up boys and girls… Edge and I are beginning our initial descent into college football 2010 and this bitch is going to be a bumpy landing.


One Response

  1. Whaaaaa…. get yourself a tampon. 🙂

    Seriously, welcome back boys and hope you’re doing ok, Alan.

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