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An Interview with J.C. Wade

Each year we at OTP attempt to reach out to the incoming Cardinals to try and pull back the curtain a bit on the future of this program. Last season, we were fortunate to touch base with the likes of Connor Ryan, Zane Fakes, Kitt O’Brien, Jason Pinkston, Ethan Buckles, and Eric Williams, and this season, it begins again anew with the current group of recruits chomping at the bit to get into Cardinal and White.

Today’s guest in the OTP interview spotlight is J.C. Wade, who comes to the Cardinals from the Commonwealth of Kentucky and Madisonville North Hopkins High School. The defensive back certainly brings two valuable commodities in both size and speed, clocking in with a 4.5 40 and 6’1″ and 185 lbs. J.C. uses that speed for track as well, a standout sprinter in his high school, as well as on the Madisonville North Hopkins basketball team.

Scout.com rated Wade as a 2-star prospect and ranked him the #170 corner in this entire class. Rivals also has Wade listed as a 2-star, and he generated interest from multiple MAC programs as well as some BCS automatic qualifying conference members. Wade brings talent, speed, and strength to a defensive backfield that will be one to keep your eyes on over the next several years.

OverThePylon: Can you sort of recap your experience getting recruited to play Division 1 college football and which BSU coaches were your chief recruiters? What were some of the schools that showed major interest? What were the schools you considered heading to?
J.C.Wade: The recruiting process for me was very long and stressful yet fun at the same time. Coach Melvin was my top recruiting coach. Some of the schools recruiting me were Ohio University, WKU, Louisville, Austin Peay, and Vanderbilt. I was considering all my choices but Ball State just felt like the best fit for me.

OTP: Everyone knows last season was a challenging one for the Cardinals. How does that motivate you going forward for success on the gridiron?
JCW: It’s a big motivation now that we’re the underdogs we gotta start at the bottom and come all the way back to the top where this program should be. The top of the MAC.

OTP: You were receiving interest from some fairly impressive BCS conference programs. What was the tipping point to make you become a Cardinal?
JCW: When I met the coaching staff and when I was on campus I could just picture myself spending my career here.

OTP: In high school, you were quite the multi-sport talent. A basketball star and impressive sprinter on the track team at Madisonville-North Hopkins. Any interest in becoming a multisport talent at the next level?
JCW: Not really. That seems like a fun thing to do… play a lot of sports but football is the sport I really love and I can see myself focusing on that.

OTP: With the level of experience and depth at the corner and safety roles, what sort of immediate impact are you looking to make for BSU?
JCW: I’m willing to step in and play any role the team needs. If that’s a true freshman that’s great, but if they just need me to play scout team and redshirt a year that’s fine too.

OTP: This incoming class is another in a long line of solid recruiting classes for the Cards. What are your thoughts about class chemistry? Have you been able to connect with many of your fellow future Cardinals?
JCW: I think we’ll all be fine. Most of us have seen each other or know each other from Facebook or from our official visit.

OTP: What things are you considering majoring in at Ball State? Looking forward to the academic side of the house?
JCW: Maybe physical therapy or something in business, I’m not completely sure. But I know Ball State is one of the top in academics and that’s a great thing.

OTP: Most of our readers know quite a bit about your football prowess on the field. Any hobbies or talents off the field that would surprise some folks?
JCW: Not really. I do things most high school kids do. I love music and sports, I read a lot and a lot of different kinds of books.

OTP: Anything to say to the Cardinals fans who will have the privilege of watching you over the next few years?
JCW: Just that I look forward to playing in front of them and to watch out for us for the next few years because we’re going for top in the nation not just the MAC.

Big thanks and kudos to J.C. for the interview and good luck as he brings that speed and size to the MAC!

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