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Friday Link Buffet

It’s Friday and time yet again for all the muck that’s fit to rake around the college football landscape. Taxi fights? Been there. Assaulting randoms? Yep… done that. Letting myself fly into a rage over a bratwurst? That’s a new one to me. However, had you picked a fight with us and tried to stand between us and some Carter’s Chicago Dogs, I might have to cut you. So far this offseason, no troubles like this for the BSU team… but it’s early.

  • Racism, Bratwursts, and Taxi-Vans… All in a Night’s Work in Athens: After the rash of problems in the SEC where making a roster is a good preamble to your name showing up in a police blotter I cannot say I am surprised that Georgia football players maybe possibly could have been allegedly perhaps involved in assault and battery in a taxi cab. No word on whether it was them, what Mark Richt thinks, or whether the brats were in fact delicious.
  • Apparently Lack of Success on the Field Makes Brian Kelly a Bit Testy: Kelly, after his first practice as head coach at Notre Dame seemed like quite the negative nelly. Good to see that despite the coaching change, a coach with an easily bristled public demeanor still patrols the sidelines.
  • Lane Kiffin Tightens the Reigns at USC: Surprising really that I would ever write the words Kiffin and tightens in the same sentence without the words Tennessee fans and noose not also there, but apparently Kiffykins is trying to limit who hangs out at USC football practices. Apparently you now need 24-hours notice to come observe, but no idea if that also applies to the boosters/money men/rapscallions that seemed to hang around and just drop money/houses/cars for anyone to pick up. Anyone who was a great athlete. Named Reggie Bush.

Around the Blogosphere:

  • Orson at EDSBS brings us the initial installment of the Fulmer Cup Big Board. Consider it the offseason national championship for law breakers, and East Carolina is in as an early leader.
  • Great stuff from John Clay about the football Wildcats and some video to boot of Joker Phillips’ first spring practice. Via John’s blog
  • First and probably last Dancing with the Stars content on OTP: Erin Andrews foxtrotting all over the place. Via The Big Lead

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