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You Be the Judge: Tim Tebow

Edge and I have battled over our Podcast about Tim Tebow. Talk of college football? Of course. Talented athlete? Without doubt. Pushing his beliefs on all of us college football fans? That’s what’s up for debate, and now Edge and I bring it to you the readers.

Pro-life Super Bowl ads, Bible verses on the eye black, ending his interviews with God Bless, and all that certainly open him up for some questions. Edge thinks he’s overbearing. Alan thinks he’s refreshing. And now we bring our case to you, OTP-ites. Read the closing arguments, vote in the poll. Consider it like when Mark May and Lou Holtz make their case to Reece Davis. (You all would be Reece… no one has a lisp…. so it isn’t an exact match, but come on…)

Edge’s Closing Argument
My closing argument on our Tebow discussion boils down to one word: overbearing.  I understand the guy has his morals and his beliefs, but when we sit down to watch a football game (emphasis: football), I find it very annoying to have to watch hours of pre-game stories about how Tim Tebow is above all others because of missionary work, dickskin cutting, blah blah.

Tebow borderline shoves all his super Christian persona down all of our throats, and we’re saying this isn’t overbearing?  I’m no religious nut, but on the other hand I’m not an ignorant agnostic. But there’s a time and place for personal beliefs, and Tebow seems to want to pick the time and place where there are the most cameras and microphones.

Add to all this the Super Bowl ad controversy, and it becomes apparent that we have now passed the era of “Quarterback Tebow” and entered the age of “Bill Donohue Tebow”.  Now that CBS is allowing one side of a scorching hot debate to air an advertisement during the Super Bowl, there is no way they can deny the other.  Lawd ha’ mercy.

I’m telling you now, the new Holy War is upon us!  This is the end of days! Armageddon (no, not the movie)!  And at the center of it all? Tim Tebow.  Thanks a lot, dude.

Alan’s Closing Argument
Ladies and gentlemen, I’ll be brief. The issue here is not whether Tim Tebow loves him some Jesus or cut off some dickskins- he did. But you can’t hold one individual player responsible for the behavior of a few obsessed and overbearing television media types. For if you do then shouldn’t we hold the entire television industry responsible? And if the whole television industry is guilty then isn’t this an indictment of our American communications system in general? I put it to you, Edge- isn’t this an indictment of our entire American society? Well you can do whatever you want to Tim Tebow, Edge, but I won’t sit here and listen to you badmouth the United States of America.

Readers… what say you? Vote in the poll below, comment in the comment section for an indepth explanation. Go.


9 Responses

  1. Tim Tebow is nothing other than a great football player who the media has thrown into everyone’s face. It’s not his fault

  2. Just because homage to Animal House reference I have to go with Alan…

  3. That’s a good question. Let me just say this to all you “football purists” who only want to enjoy the game:

    What do you say we get rid of all the cheerleaders? After all, they don’t contribute to the actual playing of the game, right? And let’s get rid of the announcers. And the nachos, hot dogs, brats, and beer. If you “just want to enjoy the game”, you shouldn’t need any of that stuff… right?

    The people complaining about Tebow, are these the same people who justify the antics of Ochocinco after a TD, by saying “He’s just being himself”?

    Tebow can’t help who he is. As a Christian, he is expected to use his visibility to present a Christian image, and that’s just what he’s doing.

    He’s being himself, and I find that admirable, not something to make fun of. If you don’t like that, then don’t watch “hours of pre-game coverage”.

  4. People seem to give Tebow a free pass because he should be allowed to put his faith out there for everyone to observe and face penalty of a thousand eternities if you don’t follow great Tebow’s way. I ask you this…would people who support Tebow’s ad be ok with a Sam Bradford Pro-Choice ad in the Super Bowl? Rationality does not follow people on either side of these crowds (religion or abortion), and therefore has no place in CFB or the NFL in general. Sports are what they are, not a docket to force your opinion on others. Anyone up for finding Lawrence Phillips for a pro-choice superbowl ad?

  5. RV, you’re ignoring the story behind Tebow. His mother was advised to abort him. She said no, and looked what happened. Sure, he could have just as easily turned into a serial killer, but that’s not the point.

    The point is that football (and its accoutrements) presents a distorted morality; giant men on steroids, acting in a violent manner, surrounded by scantily clad women, in 70,000 seat temples.

    Tebow’s story presents a good opportunity to balance that out. His beliefs aren’t being “forced” on you, any more than Budweiser is forcing you to drink their beer.

  6. KH,

    I’m not ignoring a story that is being openly refuted by Gloria Allred, as abortions have been strickly forbidden by extreme penalty. Interview here…http://tinyurl.com/yhzy6sa

    The story is exactly that. A story that is being used to sensationalize a storyline that has NO business being aired during a sports broadcast. If it is a anti-steroid ad, or anti-violence ad, or an anti-scantily clad women ad (what the hell? scantily clad women? at what game? are you watching old XFL videos?).

    No on watching the Super Bowl is interested in hearing about Tebow’s story, it has a place on Dateline or 60 Minutes. I tune in to the SB for the football, the ‘Roided up freaks hitting each other violently for my amusement, and for the ridiculous, hilarious, stupid, idiotic commercials. Leave the politicking and religion at the door. Tebow will have plenty of exposure to push his beliefs out in the open, as he already has, during his interesting NFL/UFL/CFL career.

    One thing you’ve ignored…would you be ok with Colt McCoy’s ad being aired that touts the power of Satan that gave him his amazing accuracy on passes less than 6 yards? I mean, he’s just using his visibility, as expected, as a Satanist. Right?

  7. Gloria Allred??? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!

    Are you seriously going to use Allred (a pro-choice activist and attorney) as a source for an argument??? Tebow’s mom was in the Phillipines, but could have come to the States for the abortion. So Allred’s accusation is a moot point, but is a convenient excuse for her to put her mug on camera.

    Do you have a problem with PSA’s about domestic violence, Big Brothers, Haiti relief, and United Way airing during the SB? Why is this any different, just because you don’t agree with the message?

    I didn’t realize Colt McCoy was a Satanist. Can you back that up, or are you just trying to cloud the issue? Even if he was, if he wants to go public with that, and if he can find someone to pay for it, go ahead. It would be career suicide.

  8. Ohhh boy. So, you can use a pro-life activist point of view and I can’t use a pro-choice activist point of view? This just proves my point even more…Tebow’s supposed ad is being used to throw one side of an argument that deserves both sides to be exposed. Domestic violence, Big Brothers, Haiti relief, United Way…is there some kind of discussion about whether domestic violence is good, haiti doesn’t need help, volunteering your time to help others is against the moral values of so many Americans?

    Are you dense enough to think that I meant Colt McCoy was a Satanist? Come on guy, do you even watch football? Both McCoy and Bradford do as much outside of football, and went on missions over the summer this past season…yet they aren’t being interviewed on ESPN like they reinvented the wheel. To think that Tebow doesn’t welcome the spotlight is just you sticking your head in the sand. It is his decision to field an interview with anyone regarding his faith, if he wasn’t outwardly politicking for more face time with an agenda people would not have such vitriol for him.

    So, as I said…would you be defending a Bradford/McCoy pro-choice ad during the super bowl? Because I still wouldn’t…politics has its place, and the sports world (especially the super bowl) is not the place.

  9. “So, you can use a pro-life activist point of view and I can’t use a pro-choice activist point of view? This just proves my point even more…Tebow’s supposed ad is being used to throw one side of an argument that deserves both sides to be exposed.”

    This is not the issue. The issue YOU raised was that Allred was disputing Pam Tebow’s story. You can use Allred to provide an argument for choice, but not details of what happened to Pam Tebow. Allred wan’t there, and has no idea. She’s just disputing it for publicity.

    “To think that Tebow doesn’t welcome the spotlight is just you sticking your head in the sand.”

    So what if he does? I never said he didn’t. In fact, I’m sure he’s happy to get the opportunity to share his faith with as many people as possible. That’s what Christians do. I just don’t know why you’re so offended by it. Would you rather he flash gang signs and shoot himself in the leg while beating up a pregnant girlfriend?

    “would you be defending a Bradford/McCoy pro-choice ad during the super bowl?”

    Defending, no. But I wouldn’t be whining about it, either. If someone has a message they want to share, and can pay for it, as long as it is tasteful, I have no problem with it.

    Look, I love football. College, pro, Pee-Wee, whatever. But I see too many instances of players who get in the news for all the wrong reasons. What is so wrong about celebrating a player who is doing what he feels is right?

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