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More Bowl Pick ‘Em Prizes!

As you may remember from this post, OverThePylon is happy to bring to the masses another Bowl Pick ‘Em. Bragging rights over other fans and proving that you, among all, can blindly pick college football games should be enough of a reward. However, shoud it not be, OTP offered up a mini-helmet of your choosing should you come in numero uno.

Today, we’re proud to announce that the prize pool just got significantly more delicious as Scotty from Scotty’s Brewhouse has kicked in a $10 gift card for our champion.

I would imagine most, if not all, reading this site have been to Scotty’s before, but in case you haven’t, locate the little red “X” in the top right of your browser, click it, shut off your pc, and get your ass to the closest Brewhouse… pronto. Muncie, Bloomington, West Lafayette, downtown Indy, and northside Indy are where you need to be for all your Bowl watching festivities, your tasty food cravings, and fantastic specials, events, and atmosphere.

You can check out the Brewhouse here, and in case you are too lazy to click above to see how to be eligible for the prizes… enjoy:

We’re getting an early jump this season on the Bowl Pick ‘Em phenom for all the OTPites and BSU fans out there. Instead of the cumbersome interface we used last year, we’re switching over to Yahoo. Each of the Bowl Games will be selected by you and assigned a confidence amount 1-34. Damn sure that Central Michigan and the Rust Belt Tim Tebow is running wild on their opponent? Then assign them 34 points. Pretty simple, and if you’ve found your way here, you can do it.

Here’s how you yourself get there….

1.) Head on over to the Yahoo Sports Bowl Pick ‘Em Challenge or click here.

2.) If you don’t have a Yahoo ID you’ll need to create one. Takes about 3 minutes. tops.

3.) Click on “Join Group” on the main page, then “Join Group” on the next page.

4.) It will ask for a group ID and password. Our group is public, so no password is needed, but the group ID is 6856.

5.) Click Save and Continue, name your picks, and that’s it. Simple stuff.

When the bowls come out this Sunday, log on in and make your picks. There was talk last year of some sort of prize, and this year, there will be a prize for whomever finishes first… a Ball State mini helmet, from Schutt, pictured below, or a mini helmet of the team of your choosing. Like Notre Dame? Fine. We’ll get you one of those. Like Kentucky? Super! Florida? Pushing it. Louisville or Tennessee? Get bent.

UPDATE: Scotty’s Brewhouse has offered up a $10 gift card to our winner as well. Yes… that means you can pick college football game and win tasty food and beverages. Sounds like win-win to me.

To be eligible for the prize, drop an email with your team name and your name to overthepylon@gmail.com so we know who to send this puppy to should you win.

Sign in, sign up, get it on.


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