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Notre Dame Says No to Bowl Game

It must be nice to be in a position both financially and in program magnitude where you can say, “Thanks but no thanks” to any Bowl that would wind up with you at 6-6.

That’s right, MAC fans… Notre Dame would rather stay home and not even bother with piddly podunk games like the GMAC or the Little Ceasar’s Pizza Bowl, which feature potential MAC matchups. Instead, they would rather their seniors not have another chance on the football field, their fans not get to see them play one more time this season, their student athletes not enjoy some form of postseason. The culprit for this decision? Apparently the players themselves.

Rumors have abounded over the last several days that the team meeting held on Monday was basically a vote on whether or not the Irish players would want to go Bowling. And really… no one can blame them for wanting this season to be over as quickly as humanly possible. Losing your coach, losing some recruits, and losing 4 straight to close the season including head scratchers to UConn and Navy certainly doesn’t breed what I would classify as “excitment”, “optimism”, or “enthusiasm”.

The most likely thing that could happen for Notre Dame given their choices would be to go to some second-tier Bowl game, whomp the piss out of some overmatched team, and thus spark a slew of predictions for the 2010 version that range from “Undefeated, BCS Champions” to “OMG!!!! BEST TEAM EVER!!!!” as was the case after the Irish trumped an underwhelming Hawaii team last year in the Hawaii Bowl. Imagine if Notre Dame beat someone decent like Central Michigan?! Lou Holtz’ head would explode as he dreamed about next season and the inevitable echo waking, returning to glory hyperbole that Irish fans spew after each and ever win.


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