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    OTP covers Ball State University sports from the blog perspective in the most overzealous manner possible, proving that as long as there is someone with enough free time you can obsess over anything.
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OTP Now on Itunes

Have an Ipod? Awesome. Have Itunes? Fabulous. Listen to podcasts? Sweet. Want to get your face rocked off on a weekly basis with the OTP guys? Now you can.

Notice to the left of this page a little purple button with the words “OTPCast on ITunes”. That button will take you to the Itunes music store where you can subscribe to the greatest podcast on the planet. Well… the greatest podcast on the planet that covers Ball State football. If clicking that button is a little much for you click here or simply search the ITunes store for Over The Pylon.

The podcasts around these parts are great fun, informative, humorous, and weekly. Should be a rockin’ good time. Now go subscribe, damn you!


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