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Steve Kragthorpe – You’re F%^&ing Out

Dr. Cocknballs fires Krapthorpe

Kenny Powers is back, bitches.  And he wanted me to pass along a piece of information that you may have already heard.  Steve Kragthorpe, the embattled head coach of the Louisville Cardinals received his walkin’ papers.  I’d shed a tear for the poor sap, but I just can’t even do it.

Why isn’t Alan reporting this to you?  Well, quite frankly, he’s so ecstatic he can’t even think straight.  Seriously, you should see the text message I got this morning.  The only coherent parts of the message said “Krag is out”.  Plus, I hate Krag a lot less than Alan, so I should probably be the one to do it.  Let’s briefly look at some numbers for our former coach, shall we?

From 2007 through 2009, Steve was 15-21 for Louisville.  Ouch.  He was 5-16 in conference play.  Daaamn.  He is from Montana.  My… God…

So, Steve, here’s hoping a gig pops up for you in the next couple months.  I hope no FBS team will take that chance, but I hear Notre Dame is accepting applications.  With their last few hires, you actually have a good shot.  Steve Kragthorpe, you’re f%^&ing out!


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