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That’s How You End a Season

I will, for now, ignore the 10 losses. I will, for now, excuse the missteps and errors throughout the year. I will, for now, not blow a gasket about some potentially utter horseshit officiating in tonight’s Western Michigan game, which only mimics the other ridiculousness I’ve had to endure all season long by the buffoons wearing black and white with their little MAC patches. In sheer accomplishment, nothing really changed over that 60 minutes of football for the Cardinals. We weren’t ever going Bowling. We weren’t competing for a MAC Championship. In the final standings, we’re not going up or down from where we were before the game kicked off.

Some will say this win is a springboard for 2010, and while I’m not quite to that level, it’s at least a great way to close 09. And while it was great to get a win on national television, and it was fantastic to see the defense and special teams perform well, tonight’s win was ultimately notable for one reason and one reason only… in the fact that by upsetting Western Michigan we have essentially rained piss all over their parade and it feels most outstanding. No more games for you… just like us. No shot at a Bowl… just like us. Nothing at all to make this season memorable or celebration worthy… just like us. Misery loves company, WMU… welcome to Sucksville. Perhaps a little more tomorrow, but for now, as has become sort of an OTP Cardinal tradition after a big win… find a ceiling Cards fans… and dance all over that bitch.


5 Responses

  1. It’s great that we were able to send our seniors off with a win and even better that Western lost on their Senior Night. Hopefully Quale’s appeal will be granted and he’ll get a chance to run behind a somewhat competent line next season.

  2. Amazing the difference a win gives exiting this dreadful season as opposed to the limited satisfaction at the end of last year for all the obvious reasons…

  3. I guess one thing I liked is that our guys didn’t throw in the towel after the CMU disaster. It would have been so easy for them to sleep walk through the game. Thanks to the coaches and team leadership for making it happen.

  4. This team has heart. I like that.

    That said, I’m glad we were able to finish reliving NIU’s 2007 season. (Seriously, check out the parallels… eerie).

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